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  1. EU Extradition/Arrest Warrants
  2. Number of British citizens seeking Irish passports surges in past 12 months
  3. parking nightmare.
  4. Immigrants 'targeted by Home Office fraudsters'
  5. Summer walking in the Peak District - advice
  6. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside
  7. What have the Europeans ever done for us?
  8. Renounce British Citizenship
  9. Criminals to be stripped of their British citizenship and deported
  10. Oh Thank You Boris
  11. Nice Surprise From Australia - Tax Rebate Over A Year After Leaving!
  12. Don't Do This With Passport
  13. Posts moved from UK Immigration forum
  14. Reconnecting with friends - hard or easy ?
  15. Please vote!!!
  16. Yorkshire Tea.................
  17. Premium Bonds
  18. Another Scottish island
  19. Where to start in terms of the legal hoops to jump through
  20. 2016 New Year Avatars
  21. The BE Christmas Avatar Competition - VOTING NOW OPEN
  22. Self build
  23. What is wrong with you lot...it's Christmas time???
  24. The annual BE Christmas Avatar Competition 2015.
  25. Nice Photographs of Caledonia
  26. Xbox one
  27. How easy have you found it to make friends?
  28. The Midlands
  29. Changes to State pension age for women
  30. Retirement properties
  32. All the insights I can teach you about Britain....
  33. Fight to England: A, hopefully, simple questions.
  34. Back 3 weeks, settling in!
  35. Hydro Is Best
  36. To come back or not?
  37. An American doctor experiences an NHS emergency room
  38. Minimum income requirements
  39. Orthodox Monastery on Mull ?
  40. Mother with dementia
  41. The Road to Little Dribbling
  42. Made me smile............
  43. Expats for 60 years, can they afford to move back...
  44. Beware of Charities
  45. Ten Years Absence
  46. Small country, with many accents.
  47. Sorted the flat! Now the Shipping
  48. First message to BE
  49. Keep chasing dreams or move back?
  50. Moving back in September, FINALLY!
  51. BBQ Charcoal
  52. The NHS
  53. Vietnamese coffee
  54. What is the positive in returning to UK
  55. England calling
  56. UK Migration has to stop
  57. The paperless British Passport
  58. Small birds
  59. Food mixer, will it work?
  60. Ticket booked / thoughts on return
  61. Starting again late 40's
  62. Glad to be back!
  63. Advice on flights from Phx to UK
  64. Happy St George's Day
  65. Dentistry in the U.K.
  66. Homesickness. What is it?
  67. UK election - do you believe?
  68. Get well soon Dunroving...
  69. Nikta's off topic post and subsequent posts from Health Surcharge thread
  70. The adventures over, I want to go home
  71. 5 Years On
  72. Wife having trouble adjusting. Advice?
  73. So did everyone get a chance to see the eclipse this morning?
  74. It's Decided! We are moving back!
  75. moving home after 36 years
  76. Why did you leave Canada to move back to the UK
  77. Back 7 weeks... Hating life
  78. Advice..
  79. Your thoughts please - did it happen to you?
  80. British investors buying Irish homes as sterling strengthens over euro
  81. Net migration to the UK up. Impact on non-EU spouse visa apps?!
  82. What do you appreciate most about your life right now
  83. What's happened to the UK?
  84. Titles of UK TV Programs Recommendations
  85. Gardens and gardening across the world
  86. Please place your Christmas Avatars in this thread please.
  87. QT Christmas Panto
  88. More Stench from London
  89. A one-off Christmas gift
  90. BE lounge awards
  91. UK citizens now have NO absolute right to return to the UK
  92. Thanksgiving!!
  93. The things you hear.
  94. Almost one year and loving it!
  95. Living and Working in Britain
  96. Chat about the UK BE map and how to use it.
  97. Imaginings
  98. Plea for sympathy
  99. Moving home to Glasgow
  100. Hello everyone I'm back
  101. 2.5 yrs back in UK
  102. Daughter returning to Canada :(
  103. Can anyone help with some suggestions?
  104. This makes me glad to be home.
  105. Settling in
  106. Permanent house swap
  107. Sainsburys
  108. 30 years tomorrow..
  109. Gogglebox
  110. A single piece of music
  111. Updates on..
  112. An American view.
  113. What was your UK university experience like?
  114. UK schools
  115. Scottish Independence - what would you vote?
  116. Counting the days
  117. Wii u from US to the UK ???
  118. Car insurance - overseas no claims?
  119. Not happy spouse
  120. Claiming back VAT
  121. Looking to come back, need advice about jobs
  122. UK unemployment down yet again.
  123. Off topic posts moved from the Moving From Romania thread
  124. Reflections and Belonging
  125. Commonwealth Games - hit or miss?
  126. (UK) spouse visa and exemptions - Know your rights.
  127. New driving laws.
  128. Been asked a million times but..
  129. Feel British - how's this one?
  130. thinking of moving home after 34 years HELP
  131. New EHIC rules.
  132. Any regrets about moving back to the UK?
  133. Allowed to take food back to Britain ?
  134. 5 YEARS OUT
  135. Lincolnshire
  136. Thank you for being there!
  137. What to take back? NZ to Uk
  138. Australian mobile phone use in UK
  139. CARDIFF, Wales, UK; ISO any local residents to chat with socially B4 relocating SOON!
  140. Fight day has arrived!!
  141. What to take back - What's cheaper in US than UK
  142. Car insurance
  143. 30 problems only British people will understand.
  144. photos of home
  145. Countdown
  146. Feeling overwhelmed
  147. Forward progress
  148. The Great British Bucket List.
  149. Best VPN?
  150. Cream legbar anyone?