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  1. USC in transit through the UK enroute to Madrid
  2. Titanic Exhibit in NYC
  3. Electrical/wiring question
  4. Reigate or Redhill?
  5. caught my dad with my GF :o(
  6. flight information ,Please
  7. Any one in Providence
  8. That felt good!
  9. Gites de France
  10. One major hurdle to moving gone :)
  11. Anyone leaving Canada?
  12. Hey Jules
  13. Opinions on England Please.
  14. They let me out,,,
  15. Want to go home, husband doesn't
  16. A bit of an update...
  17. who's this then?
  18. Bah humbug
  19. aye up chukkie chukkie
  20. I wish some of you were in Nth Shore Sydney
  21. New pics from the newly returned
  22. Happy St Georges Day
  23. This week (2wks) I have been mostly...
  24. Let's face it... Britain isn't so bad over all
  25. Those who have returned ...do you regret having emigrated in the first place?
  26. Just how bad is it in the UK??
  27. I know I'm a shandy drinking southerner...
  28. Shadwell here
  29. Those leaving Australia. You can help!
  30. All together now,,,aahhhh
  31. What's the 'eccentricity factor' for you?
  32. Complete change upon return?
  33. OK, that was THE LAST TIME
  34. Has Britain 'Had it's day'?
  35. some pics from home :)
  36. I am like the Mastercard ad
  37. cor blimey what a week!
  38. A bit of a low moment :(
  39. C'mon ladeez, give me your thoughts
  40. Somepics for Grayling
  41. Bachelor Boy
  42. He got on his bike and he looked for work!
  43. 40 days and we're going back, help required!
  44. Grumpy (feeling) old man
  45. Tolerance and understanding
  46. M&S delivering to Oz, NZ, Canada
  47. Need the MBTTUK massif
  48. Just returned to UK to film for TV prog....initial thoughts
  49. Craptacular: the ongoing saga of my failing body
  50. Has Anyone Moved Back To The UK & Regretted It?
  51. UK living costs versus Australia costs
  52. New game: Alternative Citizenship test
  53. 'might be going home for Xmas, but probably not
  54. Mental Giant
  55. bah humbug, lousy AUD!
  56. New game: today's CD is....
  57. Update on my back etc
  58. The thing I don't get...
  59. I'm sure I could feel lower, but not much!
  60. If homesickness wasn't bad enough...
  61. I've had an idea..
  62. My trip so far
  63. Countdown to my holiday in UK
  64. Things my mother lied to me about
  65. Honest Advice from those returning from Canada
  66. For someone that works with complex commercial contracts all day
  67. Nothing like a UK top up
  68. 1 month to go!!
  69. Where am I? #2
  70. I'm not the man I used to be!
  71. Returning home, having left in 1966
  72. Keep UK bank account open!
  73. Anyone Moved Back to the UK and regretted it?
  74. How cute is she....
  75. 1 Week Today & Prawn Sandwiches
  76. Oh to be in England, now that April's there
  77. 40+ Entertainment
  78. Main reason for moving back?
  79. A bit odd......
  80. 2 most annoying british stereotypes on UK TV
  81. ***AllieKate***
  82. Sum up GREAT BRITAIN...
  83. 10 pound Poms documentary
  84. Did anyone else feel awful when they got back to the uK?
  85. Too scared to live in England.
  86. Any Probs With Aussies TVs In UK?
  87. How To Enjoy Christmas On Your Own
  88. Do you worry about raising your kids in the UK?
  89. Reluctantly returning to UK....:(
  90. what benefits can i claim upon arrival?
  91. Karma Question
  92. In A Panic, Need Advice Re Accomodation Requirements For Husbands Visa
  93. Justice of the peace, or equivalent??
  94. I Am Devastated And Outraged
  95. Credit Scoring Question
  96. Are There Any Other Grannies As Nuts As I Am??
  97. This Is Odd
  98. Upgrades
  99. Family Expectations
  100. This might be a daft question
  101. Never get drunk with Australians
  102. Sleeping Pills
  103. Online Flight Deals
  104. No Need to Reply, I'm Just Offloading
  105. Hand Luggage On The Plane Going Home
  106. When Things Like This Happen, You Know It's The Right Decision
  107. Autumn In England
  108. Need You Good Peoples Opinion...
  109. Sharing A Container
  110. How Much Are Packing Boxes?
  111. Kids!!
  112. Best Blog Sites?
  113. For Those Looking for Spouse Visas To UK
  114. Diana Concert
  115. Boring Stuff But I Need An Answer
  116. Bad News About Baby
  117. Clothing Sizes
  118. Skin
  119. Online Dog Quote. Can anyone better this?
  120. Plugs
  121. Custard
  122. I Think I've Made A Big Mistake
  123. Those returning Home- What are you looking forward to most?
  124. I Don't Know What To Do
  125. 10 month update
  126. I Decided To Fight Back Today
  127. 4 Years & I Still Don't Belong!
  128. Rent To Buy In UK
  129. I Wonder How Long A British Politician Would Keep His Job..
  130. Just Found Karma
  131. Pining For The Hanging Basket
  132. Getting It All Off My Chest
  133. Used Cars
  134. I Don't Belong Anywhere
  135. Credit Cards
  136. Australian Womens' Voices
  137. Sydney To UK 20ft Container Ball Park Figure?
  138. Paying Off Aus Loan After Moving Back To UK
  139. What a mistake it was to move back to UK
  140. moving
  141. A Bit of Reassurance Today...
  142. Beautiful scenes of the UK
  143. Is anyone returning from Canada?
  144. Other side of the coin...
  145. Interesting reading for those thinking of returning from Oz
  146. Moving back from Australia
  147. What was the final straw for you?
  148. Those who have no intention of Moving Back to UK
  149. Am I MAD To Want to Move To The U.K.?
  150. 10m want to quit 'over-taxed' UK