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  1. Initial queries on spouse visa process - income and accommodation
  2. advice on re-applying after initial rejection (silly mistake)
  3. When is the £18,600 Earnings Threshold Increase Being Implemented?
  4. Criminal History section and dismissal
  5. Returning to UK - US spouse old UK residence docs?
  6. Previous Travel Outside of Home Country
  7. Affidavit
  8. FLR(M) Section 7A and 7B
  9. Spouse visa refusal, Appeal or resubmit
  10. EEA Family Permit when both of us are outside the UK?
  11. helpline
  12. MP Involvement
  13. Changing employer (Non-salaried employment)
  14. Filling out application to renew UK passport but might not be a citizen?!!!
  15. Child benefit
  16. Marriage Visitor Visa questions
  17. Spouse Visa and Conviction (??)
  18. Don't have my British parents' passport numbers to do my first passport application
  19. Going Bankrupt renewing wife’s visa
  20. Accomodation and Benefits
  21. Citizenship by descent ?
  22. spouse visa uk
  23. Just approved... but no returned documents?
  24. Kimberly Hamilton we have some of your supporting docs...
  25. Citizenship by descent question
  26. thank you ever one
  27. Canadian in UK with family whilst looking for work in Middle East
  28. Currently in Jamaica and waiting for my visa after winning an appeal to join my husba
  29. Switching from standard application to priority
  30. Visa Granted!! Question on travel dates
  31. Scanning Documents - what needs certifying?
  32. Switching From Marriage Visa to Spouse Visa
  33. Standard Visitor Visa Refusal - Decision overturned after a complaint
  34. Passport lost during the application process for a UK visa.
  35. UK Fiance Visa Supporting Document Check
  36. Will UK Degree fulfill English Requirement for UK Fiance Visa
  37. UK Fiance Visa: Help
  38. Question about new visa application (previously refused)
  39. Question about spouse visa application.
  40. Self Employed but applying under cash basis query
  41. Documents for spouse visa
  42. employment/ Income isssue
  43. Cant Get My Head Around Payslips
  44. Proof of income
  45. How to request a return of supporting documents?
  46. VAF4A Appendix 2 - spouse and sponsor in USA
  47. Email from Sheffield
  48. Can a genuine couple be seen as entering into a marriage of convenience?
  49. Any NZ Applications out there used scanning service?
  50. Financial Requirements
  51. VFS fee process
  52. Cash Savings - Spouse Visa from India
  53. GWF Tracker
  54. VFS Global Text Message "Visa Proccessed"- now what?
  55. Change of name
  56. Brit/Non-Eu Spouse Moved back, now what regarding "benefits"
  57. Visiting uk after 8 years......need advice
  58. Second opinion needed!!
  59. Changing the spouse visa application from non priority to priority
  60. Intended Arrival date
  61. New ruling for dual bp/eu passport holders!
  62. Australian Timelines?
  63. NHS payments
  64. Spouse visa - outstanding doubts
  65. Registering birth abroad with UK authorities ("British consular birth registration")
  66. How to bring a disabled spouse to the UK.
  67. Spouse Visa sending 3 separate parcels to Sheffield with Docs. Is this ok ?
  68. If child born abroad
  69. Is out there any case of "lost documents" by UKVI
  70. Spouse Visa online application questions
  71. Processing times UPDATED for Oct
  72. Passport at UKM ceremony?
  73. Which application form am I using?
  74. UK Spouse Visa Accomodation question
  75. British Spouse Visa with child - Peru - Financial Requirements
  76. Activating Settlement Visa/BRP via Dublin
  77. Questions regarding job offer for UK spouse visa
  78. Yay.. passport dispatched. Overseas British Passport Timeline (for child application)
  79. Email from Sheffield
  80. british passport for overseas child! ** important**
  81. Can I move back to UK with my US wife?
  82. Brazilian girlfriend wants to move to the UK, to work or get married - Problem!!
  83. USA > UK Visa shipping, Must use VFS?
  84. FLR - Marriage certificate required??
  85. UK to US or US to UK?
  86. Can we use Royal Mail for Supporting Docs and return?
  87. Moving house just before extension FLR!!
  88. Citizenship by descent
  89. Am I eligible to get a UK passport through my father?
  90. Is there a time limit to accept visa / move back to UK?
  91. Bitish Citizenship by (Double) Descent
  93. A2 English Exam and start of FLR
  94. Help required - Family in South Africa
  95. Recently married, about to apply for spouse visa, and new to the forum!
  96. Clarification On Cash Saving For Spouse Visa Split Over One Bank Account or Several
  97. UK Ancestry Visa - study or work
  98. Kids born in US to British Father
  99. Dewan's questions about birth of child abroad
  100. VAF 4A Annex (ELT) error
  101. Spouse Visa - Originals vs Copies for scan submission
  102. Uk fiance / settlement Visa income requirement question
  103. Spouse visa check list
  104. Spouse visa - job and salary requirement questions
  105. Spousal visa check list
  106. Will they ask for a DNA test from my husband.
  107. Verification of Marriage Certificate
  108. Clarification on process - UK Fiance Visa, then Spouse Visa from Canada
  109. Returning documents from UKVI Bogota
  110. British citizenship for spouse
  111. accommodation requirements
  112. Immigation Health Surchage
  113. Processing Times + Emailing
  114. about spouse visa
  115. British Citizenship
  116. UK Spouse Visa
  117. Passport for US daughter?
  118. Visiting spouse after submitting application plus other questions!
  119. Renewal of Spousal Sponsorship Visa - When to apply?
  120. no savings
  121. Letter of national insurance & pension
  122. Appendix2 " How often do you meet??"
  123. U.K. Spouse visa for US husband
  124. Statistics of form UKM, UKF and by Descent
  125. Documents for subsisting relationship
  126. Applying for spousal visa
  127. List of sopprting documents for spouse visa UK 2017
  128. Early stages of spousal visa application
  129. UK spouse Visa - S question
  130. Uk then USA
  131. Thinking of moving back to the uk advice needed
  132. Burned once - list of supporting documents for 2nd round of application
  133. Returning with American wife from Australia
  134. Spouse Visa - (Divorced Document)
  135. Living with parents visa issue
  136. Need information if I can apply for Ancestry visa.
  137. Passport Question
  138. Spouse Visa to ILR
  139. Spouse Visa - Cash saving questions
  140. Canadian mother and ILR father to child born in Canada
  141. Family of a Settled Person App Questions [Spouse]
  142. Visa application for settlement rejected!
  143. Living together for 2 years?
  144. Proving Crown Service for Double Descent
  145. New UKM question
  146. Getting divorced abroad
  147. Sponsor Letter
  148. Spouse VISA - Self Employment
  149. uk visa
  150. Bringing a Partner Back to UK, from Brazil