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  23. how do I get a Kuwaiti (bedoon) stateless person in the UK?!
  24. Birth certificates
  25. US born trying to get UK passport
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  27. Inside or Outside the UK?
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  33. Immigration Lawyer
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  38. Graduating in the summer
  39. British Citizenship by Double Descent
  40. Spouse Visas & student finance
  41. ancestry visa dependant clarification
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  44. Kudos to the EU court!
  45. Please Help RE: non EU Citizen living in Spain with UK Spouse
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  50. Need Advice
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  52. biometric appointment question
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  54. Family to be deported from UK
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  56. Sponsoring my wife
  57. Meeting financial requirements working part time
  58. UK Spouse Visa; £500 bank balance
  59. Four+ Months to Get Passport!
  60. UK Citizen, US Spouse and Moving to UK Together
  61. Financial Requirements - British citizen moving back to UK with US Spouse
  62. Help Plz
  63. Is my child eligible to apply for British Citizenship with the MN1 Form?
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  68. No recourse to public funds / NHS Treatment
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  72. Letter of employment - UK Spouse Visa
  73. Horrible horrible day today - time has arrived
  74. Does Premium Bonds count towards financial requirements?
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  76. There is a house in my name!
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  78. Proving the relationship is genuine!
  79. First British Passport Frustrations!!
  80. Spouse Visa (UK) - absence from UK and validity period of visa
  81. How long can one stay outside the UK if on a spouse's settlement visa?
  82. Is your sponsor responsible for supporting anyone financially?
  83. ID for picking up UK visa
  84. When did you first meet your sponsor in person?
  85. Husband Has US Visa/greencard is our marriage now filed equally in the UK?
  86. Brit returning to live after 30 years, US passport only
  87. UK Visitor Visa or EEA Family Permit
  89. Help on evidence of relationship please
  90. Spouse visa, proving Eligibility Conditions
  91. SS - marriage date close to visa application date
  92. Supporting documents for first time passport
  93. SS Route - internships OK?
  94. Is teaching English a sufficient job for Surinder Singh Route EEA Family Permit?
  95. apply UK passport from Hong Kong for baby
  96. Question regarding Surrinder Singh Self-Employment
  97. Embassy Call letters - Beijing
  98. Official website question
  99. Holiday to UK Does Boyo Need Visa
  100. Citizenship Opinion: Father & Grandfather british
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  111. Returning Residents Visa
  112. Second Marriage to a US Citizen
  113. How to apply for EEA2 for Freelancers with EEA
  114. Do they keep the passport!?
  115. Need help deciphering information.
  116. Hello, US woman and UK man living in the UK
  117. Received spouse settlement visa - question around NHS coverage
  118. A Surinder Singh Question….. does the EU Cit. need to work?
  119. Wife is pregnant
  120. Financial requirement period
  121. Appendix 2 Form, Spouse and Child
  122. US daughter coming to live in UK with UK Father
  123. Going home to apply for child's passport
  124. Family Details Section on Spouse Visa Application
  125. Is there a time limit on how old documents can be when applying?
  126. Visa and travel question for Canadian fiance
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  128. lifting 10 year ban for British citizenship
  129. First time British Passport application
  130. Visa Type on Spouse Visa Application
  131. Wife Family visit
  132. Am I British by Descent?
  133. Supporting Documents
  134. American Lady w|Irish Fiancé living in London
  135. Moving to the UK.
  136. Any Surinder Singh'ers living in Portugal??
  137. Cash savings question
  138. Overdrawn bank account and applying for a spouse visa
  139. UK Passport For Son - Advice
  140. Canadian Citizen visa requirements?
  141. supporting documents translations?
  142. Can my overseas company offer to pay me in the UK?
  143. Financial Requirement for UK Spouse Visa
  144. Citizenship for my daughter
  145. oversea child in uk
  146. Spouse Visa, Tenancy agreement short.
  147. Is a full time (but 2 year contracted) job enough for my non EU spouse to get a visa?
  148. British citizenship document
  149. Email saying a decision has been made about visa
  150. Questions re Spouse UK visa