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  19. Introduction
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  22. Surinder Singh HELP!!
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  34. moving back with disabled child
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  45. Which is the best way to get a job permit.
  46. Information Requests - Surinder Singh route
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  49. My experience of going the Surinder Singh route so far
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  53. Random question my childrens future children
  54. Childrens Citizenship
  55. British Citizen Or Not...
  56. Hi I'm a researcher from Goldsmiths Univ of London; I am looking for participants!
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  58. Born pre 1983 to UK Mother
  59. Government plans to end overseas consular birth registrations
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  61. Accommodation for spouse
  62. Back to Uk with Blind daughter
  63. Anyone know average time to get approval for spouse visa
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  67. Kiwis wanting to move UK -wife has UK citizenship.
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  69. Child of UK Citizen 'by descent'
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  73. Another Family Split
  74. strong and continuing ties to uk
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  90. Joint bank account
  91. UK military personnel subject to new family rules 1/1/14
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  107. Hi
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  117. Appendix 2?
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  121. retiring in the USA
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  125. EEA Family Permit vs Spouse Visa
  126. Applying for Tier 5 (Youth mobility scheme) with binding over order..
  127. Hopefully home soon!
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  137. Applying for spouse visa to UK
  138. UK Settlement Visa for a Child
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  140. How to account for ILR in USA Visa application
  141. Applying for Dual Citizenship [HELP]
  142. Right of Abode: CUKC
  143. Claiming benefits while on UK Spouse visa
  144. Student Visa for wife?
  145. Need advice about moving from SA to UK
  146. About To Apply For A Settlement Visa (Marriage) For The Uk
  147. born in BMH in 1966 in Germany?
  148. British male and Filipino wife
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  150. Met the love of my life who happens to live in LONDON