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  1. Tier 5 Visa Ending - Change to Spousal or No Visa Required?
  2. Returning to UK Passports
  3. Spouse Visa previous use of NHS as visitor
  4. Visa Application Category help
  5. Struggling to get a marriage visitor visa
  6. New immigration rules in the pipeline?
  7. To Marry my Brazilian girlfriend and move to UK
  8. Second UK spouse Visa
  9. question about dependents
  10. Spouse Visa (UK) - Current timelines
  11. Tier 4 Dependants
  12. Returning resident visa
  13. From the EU to the UK self-sufficent
  14. British Driving license question
  15. Rights of a child of a citizen by decent
  16. British expat in NL, need help bringing my American spouse to UK
  17. Fiancee Visa Application/Decision has been made on your application email
  18. Where does it state that spouse visa applicants only need an A1 english test?
  19. U.S. citizen seeking dual citizenship by decent
  20. Moving back to UK with successful job offer
  21. Financial Requirement Question
  22. Do i take life in the UK test?
  23. latest depature date you can leave on uk spouse visa??
  24. Spouse visa for 1 year
  25. Mr Puya Sarfaraz
  26. Any visa hope?
  27. Health Surcharge fir spouse visa
  28. UK Tier 2 ICT Visa with police caution
  29. UK Tier 2 ICT Visa with police caution
  30. Which option for 'family of a settled person' on new website?
  31. spouse visa requirements..
  32. UK visitor visa supporting docs
  33. Accommodation for UK spouse visa
  34. Passport Photo Countersignatory
  35. UK Spouse visa
  36. Getting a different name on a UK passport compared to a foreign passport
  37. 38 degrees petition supporting us all affected by these rules.
  38. British Type 2 Diabetic (very sick) married 2 yrs non EU- want to return to UK
  39. do I qualify for a British passport
  40. Interesting documentary
  41. About To Start The Spouse Visa Process
  42. SS route - what are chances of getting a Family Permit?
  43. British Citizenship By Descent
  44. Child born overseas - can I get a passport in UK for them?
  45. Getting a UK passport (and registering a birth) for my child overseas
  46. Child's first passport from abroad - can anyone explain this?
  47. British Passport - Marriage Certificate Query
  48. Spouse Visa - What am I missing?
  49. One step closer! email confirmation
  50. NEW BRP rules for overseas applicants?
  51. Getting a passport
  52. IT Just gets worse..........
  53. Marriage referral to Home Office
  54. IHS Ref disappeared online!!!! Help
  55. Tip to save you $170 for return courier service for multiple applications
  56. They found our IHS details and made a decision after just 48 hours. Too quick??!
  57. Relocating back to UK with non-EU Wife - Options?
  58. Has anyone else receieved an email stating you haven't paid your IMS when you have?
  59. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UK IMMIGRATION OFFICE... Incompetence beyond belief!!!
  60. Yes or No?????
  61. Marriage Visa
  62. Non EEA partner financial requirements questions
  63. Citizenship by Descent
  64. mn1 and form UKF
  65. Moving back to the UK with wife and daughter
  66. UK Spouse Visa apply with Child Tax credit
  67. Spousal visa will expire and I have spent entire time outside UK!
  68. tourist or spouse visa
  69. UK Settlement Visa Application – when do we hand over the Passport?
  70. Changes to MN1 form and tricky questions to answer.
  71. Alert UKBA
  72. dual us/uk passport
  73. Immigration Health Surcharge and mortgage things
  74. Married 2 Yrs to Filipina in Phil's. Return to UK?
  75. Will upcoming election change immigration rules?
  76. British Citizenship/Passport by Double Decent
  77. Online application submitted!
  78. Don't waste your money phoning the UKGov Paid for help line....
  79. Settlement visa applied from Pakistan
  80. Countersignatory confusion
  81. Getting family over to the UK
  82. Move back after 14 years?
  83. financial requirements. source of money?
  84. Starting the prep 2 years in advance!
  85. question: spouse visa--timelines!!
  86. Marriage certificate doubt - ministry of external affairs?
  87. All original documents returned?
  88. Moving back with (US) family
  89. Please Answer Simple Question UK "Citizen by Descent"
  90. What happens at the ACS Biometric appoitmnet
  91. Travelling to UK while applying for settlement visa
  92. Change of circumstances
  93. Why does my 8 year old step daughter need an VaF4a Appendix 2
  94. American Girlfriend coming to visit - General visa "not straight-forward"
  95. need help asap please
  96. Looking to the future, spouse visa question...
  97. Applying for British Passport.... advice please?
  98. Is a one year contract job offer acceptable for spouse visa.
  99. NHS surcharge no option
  100. British lad looking for some help!!!
  101. Applying for tier 4. Then later change to Spouse visa. Anyone done it?
  102. Spouse Visa in kenya
  103. I just hope the new Health Surchage is refundable if VISA application is turned down
  104. children with Canadian passports
  105. Help. A screen just popped up for VFG Global - for more payment???
  106. Wow,, just been stung by the new Immigration Health Surcharge!!
  107. EEA Family Permit
  108. Short visit to UK with a non British wife
  109. Spousal Visa with kids. . Help!
  110. I'm back, he's still over there -- how long before we can bring him?
  111. Post Office Documentation Certification Service
  112. let me know plz if so....
  113. Appendix 2 VAF-4A confusion
  114. Uk spouse visa help!!
  115. Open a UK Bank Account from Overseas
  116. am I still classed as settled in the uk
  117. For non EU Spouse and Child, am I missing some of the paper work?
  118. "Surinder Singh" Questions
  119. MN1 - Biometric Enrolment - from USA?
  120. Documents needed for application?
  121. So BofA tell me they cannot stamp my bank statements?
  122. Can anyone confirm is a child of 8 has to attend a Biometric appointment for ILR?
  123. Not sure about correct visa form I need?
  124. **Please help** Extension of UK Ancestry Visa Question
  125. how to apply for british passport
  126. Any recent settlement visa processing times from USA to UK?
  127. In Filling out my (US) Wife's UK Visa (for Settlement) can I be her sponsor?
  128. When did they arrive in the UK? - Question help
  129. British citizenship - Unemployed
  130. Vistor Marriage Visa Help
  131. I'm British and I have two kids in Philippines
  132. BNO passport escape route into Europe
  133. Fiancee Visa Application Question
  134. Confused with what form I need
  135. Moving back to the UK but complicated visa!
  136. Marriage Annulment help
  137. Overseas British Citizen's spouse visa
  138. visa4uk visa help !!!!
  139. regarding the £62,500 cash savings option
  140. UK Residence Test
  141. Re Applying for spouse visa after refusal
  142. Previous residence in the UK
  143. Passport Renewal - Question about Supporting Documents
  144. Married in US - getting UK visa for wife
  145. Spouse Visa Extension
  146. Immigration Health Surcharge
  147. Is there a uk.gov link for the Initial Entry forms to fill out? It's not on the Wiki
  148. UK passport renewal from Italy
  149. EEA Family Permit - EU Not Working
  150. Partner Visa Processing Times