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  1. Love Wine?
  2. Love Cheese?
  3. Gardening In Tropical Malaysia
  4. Malaysia Expats Forum
  5. Englishman goes native in Terengganu
  6. Penang Floral Festival at Botanic Garden
  7. Dead man found in condo water tank
  8. Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015
  9. Ten Years in South East Asia
  10. Flights & Flying
  11. No Pok?
  12. Name this object (no prizes involved :-P)
  13. It's Durian season.....
  14. Accommodation Options
  15. Expatriate Dependent VISA advice
  16. How long is this fish??
  17. The Rohingyas and Bangladeshis abandoned
  18. German businessman gets 1 month jail after disturbance on plane
  19. Moving to KL soon
  20. Sterling hits 6 year high
  21. Buying e-books online
  22. Smoking ban to be extended across Malaysia
  23. Working in Malaysia : UK Education Certificates
  24. Low-cost educational visa options
  25. Uber in Kuala Lumpur
  26. Don't go near the water (Miami Bay)
  27. Some advice for the men here
  28. Moving to Seremban, Malaysia. Advice please!!! (moved from Welcome Inn)
  29. What is the Ebay of Malaysia?
  30. Is it Penang state holiday?
  31. Happy Wesak Day
  32. Malaysia Airlines to offload its A380 superjumbo fleet
  33. Happy May Day
  34. LRT Stops
  35. Moving to KL with twin babies
  36. Toastmasters clubs in Malaysia
  37. Brits Living Overseas can Vote in UK Elections
  38. Wow, get really is on everything!
  39. UK State Pension - Income Tax for Malaysia Residents
  40. sex message
  41. Penang direct flights to other countries
  42. HSBC banking in UK
  43. Big Bad Wolf in Melaka
  44. Woman strips to avoid paying for chicken rice
  45. Paid up capital requirements for new companies increasing to RM 250,000
  46. Crocodiles anyone?
  47. Electricity costs
  48. English Teachers
  49. Secondment to KL
  50. Shipping?
  51. What do all of you dependants do all day?
  52. Salaries...whats enough.
  53. Want to work in Malaysian universities
  54. Major e-commerce sites for Malaysia
  55. LRT from Komtar to Penang Airport
  56. Penang Sky Cab.... and now a cable car !!
  57. EPF self contribution for Malaysians?
  58. Courier service to Malaysia from UK
  59. Google Malaysia hacked
  60. Anyone renting in KLCC?
  61. What is the best place for electronics in Kuala Lumpur?
  62. Being Left-handed
  63. Moving to KL
  64. Love Bread?
  65. New Starbucks - Batu Ferringhi
  66. Tide tables for fishing (or boating perhaps)
  67. Crime in malaysia
  68. Medical treatment
  69. Major Infrastructure Projects in Penang.
  70. Any Apps to recommend (particularly Malaysia related)
  71. Warning – Foreigners pay 700% extra for Strata Title Registration in Penang
  72. Digi Super Long Life - keep your mobile number for 365 days
  73. Churches in Penang
  74. New Cat Sanctuary
  75. What electric outlets does Malaysia use?
  76. Importing Vitamin Supplements Illegal!!!???
  77. Newbie to Malaysia
  78. GST chaos anyone?
  79. which is the best place to park in Malacca
  80. Malaysian Grand Prix to continue for another 3 years
  81. Short term visa friendly banks
  82. Insurance under tenancy agreement
  83. 2 Year working visa (+ partner)
  84. Police foil IS attack on embassies
  85. Electric cars for rent in KL
  86. Would you still live in Malaysia if there were no expats?
  87. What ATM fees are typical with foreign debit cards?
  88. How do you transfer money into Malaysia?
  89. Should I move to KL or Penang with an asthmatic 3 year old?
  90. Georgetown becomes a city again
  91. View from your balcony or terrace
  92. Downsides of living in Malaysia
  93. Alarming Rise of Malaysian Religious Extremism
  94. Too hot
  95. Small KL apartment for a one month stay – any recommendations?
  96. Traffic court--worth it?
  97. New Malaysian owned airline - Mojo
  98. Run out of internet lines in Batu Ferringhi?
  99. Car insurance in Malaysia
  100. KL to Penang by train
  101. Need advice about replacing the slow modem provided by Streamyx
  102. MSG in Malaysian Food
  103. Will Kuala Lumpur's public transportation rival Singapore in the future?
  104. Does KL feel like a small city?
  105. Visa runners - new rules?
  106. how bicycle friendly is Kuala Lumpur?
  107. White House critical of Malaysia's judicial system
  108. HELP NEEDED - Contract Early Termination & Legal Rights
  109. Gurney Drive Murky Waters
  110. Closed thread
  111. Advice - expat selling car
  112. Seaview condos in Penang for retired couple without car
  113. Cooking in Malaysia - BBC2
  114. Renewing British Passport
  115. Moving to Ipoh in August as a couple.
  116. Strata Title Property - GST & Date for new ACT 757
  117. Islamic extremism and Malaysia
  118. Setting up a representative office in Penang
  119. Losing battle against traffic offenders and makeshift makan stalls
  120. Fancy a curry?
  121. Happy CNY - take your brolley
  122. advice
  123. P.O. Box
  124. Building new house
  125. Moving to Malaysia - Tension?
  126. Is Malaysia a secular state?
  127. To earth or not to earth
  128. Working at an International School
  129. Looking for second hand car in KL
  130. Question for fellow Penang residents
  131. Well Connected at Home, Young Malaysian Has an Appetite for New York
  132. job contact
  133. 426 counterfeit bags worth RM50,000 seized in Batu Ferringhi, Penang
  134. Name that tree
  135. Expat Salary?
  136. Moving to KL anxious about schools
  137. Possibly moving to Kuala Lumpur in August - advice
  138. Indian Summers drama (filmed in Penang)
  139. Does one need a Lion Dance at 6.40am on Sunday morning?
  140. How many expats live in Malaysia?
  141. MM2H Penang Makan Follow-ups
  142. English Guy needing Help in Penang
  143. air pollution in penang
  144. Penang Hop-On-Hop-Off buses
  145. Investor money is fleeing from Malaysia
  146. Why I love Malaysia - Part 6391
  147. any expats in Penang-can you help us?
  148. Malaysia ranks at the very top for global competitiveness in emerging economies.
  149. Two annoyances to which I would welcome solutions
  150. Mr Mom & 11yr old need 2/b/room house/plunge pool, walking distance sand beach