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  1. Do we need more shopping malls in Penang?
  2. Working at the carwash....yeah
  3. Internet speeds (Malaysia is slow?)
  4. Drawing class in KL for age 13 and above
  5. Penang Heritage websites
  6. Learning Chinese Calligraphy in Penang
  7. Is most Muslim influence and culture growing in Malaysia?
  8. The Penang Bookshelf
  9. How does Malaysia react to terrorist attacks?
  10. International Living 2015 Retirement Index
  11. Shopping online
  12. Kuala Lumpur versus Penang
  13. Big Internet providers and speeds?
  14. "Labuan route" vs. MM2H
  15. PR?
  16. Malaysian Flight 370 and airasia 8501
  17. How does Bangkok compared to Kuala Lumpur?
  18. What is it and Will I derive any pleasure from it?
  19. New developments in Batu Ferringhi
  20. What is a good visa for an intermediate term stay?
  21. A beautiful morning.....
  22. Relocation survey
  23. Oh look !!
  24. New 6% tax
  25. Even Malays are fleeing Malaysia as Islamic hardliners gain upperhand
  26. Car identity theft
  27. City status for Penang island at last
  28. Cool weather
  29. Merry Christmas
  30. A new way to transfer money.
  31. Foreign visitors to Malaysia must now have onward flight ticket
  32. Car Hire
  33. a week left
  34. MM2H Fixed Deposit
  35. Electric train service from KL to Butterworth
  36. Giving birth in Penang
  37. Those little illegal mini marts
  38. Personal Tax Allowance for non-UK residents to be abolished
  39. Giving birth in Johor Bahru
  40. Bringing in a pet to Malaysia
  41. BE Lounge End Of Year Polls
  42. Entering Thailand by car, comment on car registration document.
  43. Recommendations for Idamansara/ Seri beringin/ Seputeh Gardens/ Mutiara Seputeh
  44. Art exhibition at Straits Quay in Penang
  45. trying to get my apartment rent out
  46. Driving in Malaysia - The Rules of the Road for Beginners
  47. I'm new :) driving in kl
  48. Help Please
  49. passport run out of pages, which category do I apply?
  50. Availability of medecines in MY
  51. How easy is it to rent?
  52. New mum's group
  53. Christmas in Penang
  54. Free magazines on Malaysian life etc.
  55. Neotiating rent in Penang
  56. What's going on at Viva Foodcourt in Penang?
  57. Heads Up! Adventist Hospital car parking
  58. Which is the best city to live In
  59. Car rentals
  60. M&S coming to Penang
  61. How long and how difficult
  62. Gamuda MRT employment
  63. Goldsmith in Penang
  64. GBP/MYR at fresh peak
  65. A Hilton in Batu Ferringhi, Penang?
  66. Christmas food shopping
  67. Christmas Charity Bazaar in Penang
  68. Penang orthopaedic surgeon recommendations?
  69. Sim Only deals in MY?
  70. It's a brand new day.....
  71. Has Malaysia missed the Boat
  72. Air Asia "payment processing fees"
  73. Help need to get out!
  74. Walking dogs off leash
  75. Dolphins
  76. Recommend KLCC real estate agent please
  77. High speed rail link KL to Singapore
  78. Wet World Wild.....gawn.....
  79. Expats rank Malaysia in Top 20
  80. Happy Deepavali
  81. A question for the men in Penang
  82. GST concerns
  83. The (old) Penang Bridge
  84. Moving to KL
  85. Penang regular meetups for mm2hers and newbies
  86. Oktoberfest?
  87. KL monorail longer trains
  88. British Wife in Malaysia
  89. Oi Bakedbean
  90. Perodua Viva
  91. Wine deliveries in Penang
  92. Changing to Maxis Hotlink 365 - help please
  93. High winds and storms in Penang
  94. UK certificates endorsement
  95. wot no flood thread?
  96. Beer from Langkawi
  97. Starting a small business.
  98. Iphone
  99. Sri KDU International School
  100. Happy Birthday Bluenose1
  101. Undersea cable fault causing slow internet
  102. Just been HSBC'd - ref. federal government restriction
  103. Contents Insurance
  104. What's going on in Melaka then?
  105. Buying a 2nd hand Bruneian Car - (KK, Sabah)
  106. CUKC for a person born in a Malay State
  107. we have arrived :D
  108. Clothes 'Recycling'
  109. Banks in KL?
  110. Converting uk driving licence to Malaysian
  111. How long to get visas?
  112. seremban hairdresser
  113. Dentist KLCC
  114. Penang Botanic Garden
  115. Tapirs in Malaysia
  116. New to Malaysia
  117. Kids shoes.... help!
  118. Thought someone said this couldn't happen in Malaysia
  119. I need to know if i can get this meds in malaysia
  120. the search is over :D
  121. Best SIM card KL for texting to uk
  122. Will a UK TV work in Malaysia
  123. Time to ship household goods to KL
  124. Wosallthisthen?
  125. Two Medical Sudents murdered in Kuching
  126. Kuantan
  127. Those lazy, hazy days of Summer
  128. Home Brew Lager
  129. Recommendation needed - mover from scotland to malaysia
  130. Air quality in KL and places for walking/hiking/outdoor activities
  131. Teacher moving to Malaysia
  132. Universities in Malaysia (subway specifically)
  134. Streets of Georgetown
  135. Moving from Scotland to Malaysia
  136. pedal bike hire in Kota Kinabalu
  137. dentures or dental implants in Penang?
  138. Veterans Football
  139. Medical Insurance for an 81 year old
  140. Penang potential move? Teaching in Penang?
  141. LOOKING FOR: Long term car rental or lease
  142. Moving to KL - Looking for Apartments
  143. Ordering gifts from UK to be sent to Malaysia
  144. Place to live
  145. Clearing Agents/ Freight forwarders
  146. Help with understanding rental agreement terminology
  147. Second hand car
  148. Crime in KL and Selangor - Expatriates, do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
  149. Vet Services
  150. Football in KL