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Originally Posted by Wanderlust84
Really depends on your current finances. Where you are living and what you're getting paid/your experience. he way I'm thinking about it is I currently save $xx a year and I would want to save $yy to justify the move. When you say the 55k incldes housing what do you mean? you get 55k and free rent or you have to pay rent out of that 55. 20k won't make much of a dent in school fees. Also what do you mean bonus is company policy? I'm nervous about relying on a bonus to be in the money. Feel free to PM me

- So 55K/month includes (base+housing+transport)
- Bonus is additional, but numbers not given
- Schooling: 20K/annum additional.....I totally agree is super low...hence I am looking at the above 55k/month number to be increased....am I thinking right?
- 17 years PE front end experience
- I never look salary/earnings from savings, etc....as expenditures can change.....I am more concerned about getting benchmarked at market rates....does the above reflect the market benchmark?
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Probably depends what you mean front end if you mean in a fund on investment team then yes it's very low, but most guys I know with 17 years PE are minted! It's not really a market there so much as they look at your current salary and add a multiplier between ~1.2-1.4x so if your current salary is 100-120 quid it's about right. I would do the expense calc at least on housing and schooling as KSA look very expensive. Ultimately it's still a hardship posting vs the west and you want to be compensated for that
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Default Re: PIF

Would you mind sharing your experience in terms of the company culture? There is so little online on that subject.
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From what all recruiters are telling me, expect a 15-20% uplift of your base salary, and bonuses are 4-6 months salary based on performance. The roles I've been approached for have a budget for about 70k+. Director for urban architecture/director for masterplanning and design

My Saudi colleagues tell me it's a pretty demanding environment. I'd take it with a pinch of salt, the local work culture is somewhat relaxed. But we've had guys leave for PIF projects only to regret it. Not sure how it is for western expats. My general experience of Saudi Arabia and the workplace is one of total chaos, with senior management being very demanding and floor staff expecting the wex and ocn staff to do all the work. Perhaps PIF attracts the more ambitious locals.

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently at the offer stage with PIF, and I'm keen on discussing and gaining insights from you regarding negotiable aspects. Are they open to substantive negotiations given PIF's recent success? Is the initial negotiation pivotal, and are opportunities to enhance one's salary internally feasible? Looking forward to a fruitful exchange.

Best regards,
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Default Re: PIF

Hey everyone,

any new numbers regarding the offers you guys have received within the investment team?

also I will be very grateful if you share any insight regarding your final interview with the head of your team !!

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Default Re: PIF

Hi I am going through a salary negotiation with PIF. It’s a new company they are starting. I am very keen to understand the grading system and what does the VP or SVP grading look like?
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