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Should It stay or Should It Go? – What to bring with you when leaving Australia.

Should It stay or Should It Go? – What to bring with you when leaving Australia.

Globe/Flags– My Car?
Unless you are particularly emotionally attached to the vehicle or have recently purchased the car and face a significant financial loss by selling the car (within its early and steep depreciation period) it is not recommended to bring your car. Motor vehicles which are privately imported usually have a much lower re-sale price than vehicles imported by the manufacturer, so if you wish to export your car to the UK, you need to be prepared to keep it for as long as possible. You should also check that the vehicle you plan to export is available in the UK. Most of the large international car brands sell the same or similar models in right hand side markets such as the UK and Australia. Australian models such as Commodores or Falcons are not a good idea as it will be difficult to obtain parts and servicing in the UK.

In regards to duty and taxes, there is tax relief available provided you have lived outside of the UK for a continuous period of at least 12 months and you have possessed and used the vehicle for at least 6 months. Clients also have to keep the vehicle for their personal use for at least 12 months after its imported. Finally, there is a requirement for a MOT inspection and the speedometer is required to be converted from km/h to mph.

If you do wish to include your motor vehicle in your international removal, we ensure the car is clean and empty. It is then secured into a 40’ shipping container so it cannot move and a high density cardboard crate is placed around the car so as to protect it from the packed household goods and personal effects which are loaded and secured into the same container. The motor vehicle is customs cleared by our UK partners and the MOT inspection can booked to occur at their London warehouse. Once the vehicle is customs cleared and registered, it can be collected from the warehouse or delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK.

– My Scooter/Motor bike?
The same rules apply in regards to duty and taxes relief for motor cycles and scooters as applies to cars. Motor scooters and motor bikes are secured into a crate for shipping along with personal effects and household goods. The rest of the customs clearance and registration process is identical to cars. Generally motorcycles are not as exposed to the same negative market sentiment in regards to the re-sale value of privately imported cars and vans.

– My Art?
Definitely you should feel free to ship your works of art. Art and antiques are only subject to a 5% rate of VAT in the UK, however if the art shipment forms part of a genuine household relocation, then the import is VAT exempt. The critical consideration with valuable works of art is to use an accredited international removalist which is FAIM accredited and which also has a proven track record in the safe handling and packing of works of art. There are 17 FAIM certified international moving companies located in Australia, however very few of them have specialist fine art handling divisions, so extra care and research is required. Clients may wish to seek recommendations from galleries or auction houses they have formed relationships with over time.

– White Goods?
White goods are a little similar to motor vehicles. Care needs to be taken to ensure the make and model of the washing machine or refrigerator is available in the UK so parts and servicing is available. You should also consider the age of the item –most quality white goods have a life expectancy of around 12 years, so I would only recommend shipping white goods which are less than 7 years old. The electrical voltage system in the UK is similar to Australia and only the plug need will require changing by a registered electrician once delivery occurs in the UK.

– Other Electrical’s?
All electrical items which can be purchased in Australia will work equally as well in the UK, although conversion or replacement 3 pin plugs will be required once in the UK. An important consideration in regards to valuable electrical items such as high end audio or computer equipment is to ensure that any transit insurance policies offered have an option to include electrical derangement cover as an added layer of insured risks. Most transit insurance policies specifically exclude the non-working operation of electrical or mechanical items in the event that there is no obvious external impact to the item, hence the requirement to add additional cover to protect against this risk.

– Note re purchasing New Goods (high ticket items)
High ticket items if purchased in Australia may be liable for Australian GST exemption or refund if the item is exported within 90 days of purchase. The catch is that newly purchased items for which shippers have obtained GST relief should be declared upon entry into the UK and are subject to UK VAT and duty if applicable. Given that the GST rate is 10% in Australia and 20% in the UK, this might not be a strategy I would recommend……

By Andrew Wilson – 4th generation director of King & Wilson – The Trusted Australian Removalist ensuring your move is in safe hands. For further information re your move go to