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Money Never Sleeps (especially British Pounds)

January 17, 2007 |

Exchange rates fluctuate every minute of the day, 5 ½ days a week. The market does not open and close as such, it just moves from London to New York to Asia to London and so on, as they say “Money Never Sleeps”. Most people don’t have time to watch the market day and night. Matthew Gilmour tells us how to beat this problem with a 'limit order'. Read More

Expatriate Health/Travel Insurance

August 16, 2006 |

If you are planning to live abroad for any length of time, one of the most important things you will do is to select the right insurance coverage for you and your family. For many of you this is something you have never had to deal with as the UK, like many countries around the world has a nationalized health care system – and so you would never have had to deal with obtaining health insurance coverage.The health care system varies from country to country, and can be very complicated and daunting – however if you have the right health insurance in place it can be one less thing to worry about.
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Exchange Rate Rollercoaster

April 19, 2006 |

As some of you may have experienced, the foreign exchange market can bring joy or great frustration. Large swings can be sudden, rapid and unpredictable. Lately the British pound has had a good run against the antipodean currencies and in this brief wrap up, I will aim to explain the dominant factors that are currently affecting these exchange rates. Read More

Making The Most From The Exchange Rate

April 8, 2006 |

I have this recurring dream where I walk into my local bank to exchange my pounds into Australian dollars. I ask the teller at the foreign exchange counter what the current exchange rate is, and he says ‘Sorry sir, the rate just dropped slightly overnight down from 3.10 to 3.05…" Getting the best rate from your pounds can turn into an obsession. This article written by Ben Hirst explains some of the factors involved.

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Exchange Rates and Transferring Funds – The Insiders Guide

February 7, 2006 |

Getting the best deal on your foreign exchange transfer can mean you are thousands of dollars better off when you emigrate, and it’s very simple to achieve. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, Matthew Gilmour passes on some key points to readers who have a transfer looming. Read More

UK Tax – Residency and Domicile

November 30, 2005 |

As far as the UK Inland Revenue is concerned, along with the Revenues of many other countries, you are considered to resident for tax purposes of you’re in the country for 183 days or more per tax year. Days of arrival and departure are ignored. Additionally, if you go and work abroad for more than one year, you must not be back in the UK for more than 91 days, on average, in any 365 day period, for the duration of your time abroad.

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The Pensions Revolution – Are you ready for “A Day”?

September 9, 2005 |

From "A Day" — April the 6th 2006 to be precise — a revolutionary new pensions regime will become effective in the United Kingdom. One new tax rule will cover both work and private pensions thereby replacing a host of previous regulations. The effect will be to scrap the majority of current pension arrangements. Read More

Some Useful Information about US Tax

August 31, 2005 |

The US remains one of the most popular destinations for those that are looking for an adventure in the form of work and travel. There is so much to explore in the US, and so much diversity to experience, that the US travel experience remains one of the most popular of all the work and travel programmes available. Each state in this vast country is like a country in itself, with different laws, different customs and very different landscapes and climates. Thus, you can never really say that you have seen the US, only a portion of it!
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UK Debt When Moving Abroad

April 29, 2005 |

The idea of moving abroad to escape debt seems to be more of a common practice these days. People who have failed businesses or are swamped in debt believe that moving abroad will give them a fresh start and allow them to build a new life. Read More