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Consular assistance to British nationals in Florida

Living and travelling overseas can be an eye-opening experience.  We’re a society that regularly travels to the far corners of the globe and exploring new places, cultures and food is at the very heart of British culture.  Being in a foreign country can be a dynamic, exciting way to immerse yourself in a new cultures.  However, when things go wrong we can feel alone in a country that’s very different from back home.  Whether you’re on holiday or living and working overseas, having a resource available 24-hours a day can make a world of difference.

As part of the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, our Embassies and Consulates around the world provide 24-hour support and guidance to British nationals overseas.  The role of the Consulate-General is often misunderstood; people often believe that we can do things such as get them out of jail or pay hospital bills.  We can’t.  We can, however, effectively help customers at a time when they may be the most vulnerable and our focus is helping British nationals following the unexpected.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s leaflet, ‘Support For British Nationals Abroad: A Guide highlights what help we can provide if you get into difficulty, and common-sense tips on how to protect yourself when overseas.

We are here to help British people when they need us most, including in times of crisis, but we also expect British nationals to take responsibility for themselves when overseas.  Be aware of the conditions where you are, or where you’re going, by reading our detailed Travel Advice.  Be prepared by making sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, a copy of your passport and adequate healthcare.  Be respectful by knowing and respecting the standards of behaviour in the Country you are in.  If you live overseas, keep your passport current.

The British Consulate General Miami covers Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and is contactable 24-hours a day on Tel: (305) 400-6400.  You can also find practical advice and access to resources on our website:

Consular Services for ex-pat British nationals