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Default family problems Indo

I am in need of advice here. Irish man married abroad to Indonesian, , also local Nikka seri. Wife living in Yogya,we are recently seperated, one daughter. I have been in and out of Indo for years, on social buddaya visa, waiting for right time to make the jump to Kitas. Eventually, sold up home, making the move, using my money, for her business....when I got advice not to invest. I allready have properties under my wifes name. We have a beautiful 6yr old daughter.
After I stalled to invest in her business, the ``shit hit the fan``. Alot of manufactured slanderous accusations were thrown my way, it became increasingly difficult to live together, as my daughter was being exposed to alot of drama, perhaps deliberately, so the best situation was to leave. I requested the return of my properties, money, it was refused. Ascess to my daughter was increasingly frustrated, until it was totally blocked.
It seems my wife has moved on to her next victim now, from OZ.
It also seems my marriage couldent be registered in Indo, as i was previously told it was by my wife. Now, my marriage status in Indo is `` at sea``, I dont know what it is???
I am also told, to claim any of my property back,(in my wifes name still), I have to also have a Kitas, but if i divorce first I have no claim? She has been pushing for divorce of course.
More importantly, how can I gain legal ascess rights to my daughter.....are there child rights organisations..??..without the upset drama that my wife makes, which she knows will drive me away, the twist it into an excuse to say I am not interested in my daughter. How can i have a say in my daughter life, like education, ie. my wife has taken her out of an excellent co-ed school, and placed her in a strict islamic school, in spite of my offer to continue paying.
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