Some help with my situation

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Default Some help with my situation

First of all to any who reply...thank you thank you thank you.

Here is my situation.

I am an American Citizen.
My fiance is a Canadian Citizen.

I have been "living" in Ontario, Canada with him but go back to the US
somewhat frequently, I have no current status in Canada aside from normal
vistors coming in and being allowed 6 months or whatever, and I haven't
worked illegally or crossed "illegally" although I do not have a passport
(nor do i have a drivers license as i do not drive) my other ID has been
suffiecent to cross so far in car or bus blah blah . Anyways. We want to
get married, and I would like to get married in Canada, apply from in
Canada, and stay in Canada from now on!

I have no ties in the work money. nothing...if that
matters. My fiance works for a large company here in Ontario and makes
enough money to met any financial requirment I have seen on the Immigration
website and can care for me and any needs I may have so no chance of me
being on Canadian welfare in a day *L*. But I will not be bringing any money
into the relationship myself.

I am *not* interested in working here in Canada, most likely ever and we
have no children.

1. How can I get married in Canada before starting immigration process?
2. How often is a person who marries a Canadian rejected and have to go
home? Does this even happen? If it could what would cause this?
3. If someone passes border in a car where sometimes they can basically
"wave" you through without even checking anything how can one prove they
have been in or out of either country? (this is a general question and may
or may not apply to my situation in the future)

Thank you for any and all help you can give me. I do have some very good
offical and non offical links for reading but just need a simple explanation
and maybe a couple good ideas or help. thank you very much

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The Wizzard
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Default Re: Some help with my situation

First get a passport cos you cant immigrate without one and its easier for
you to get it by mail in the US rather than in person at the Us embassy in

What you do is you go to Canada as a visitor jsut like you have done before.
Once in Canada you get married and then you apply for PR as an inland
sposnorship case.

goto and red about sponsoring yoru family and inland

Now you have to keep legal status at all times, but visitor status is
perfectly fine but you cant work etc but as you say that doesnt bother you
anyway. You will need to apply for a visitor visa extension about a month
before your 6 months expire as it takes a while but thats easy enough if you
are married to a Canadian and applying for inland PR.

Your wife wil not have to meet any income requirements so dont worry about
that either.

read the webpage it explains everything, you may also like to join the yahoo
group called "canadian_immigration" which is mainly spouse type people and
many are US/Canadian couples applying from in Canada all doing exactly what
you want to do.


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