Ancestry Visa financials and related questions

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Default Ancestry Visa financials and related questions

Hello . We are considering to apply for the Ancestry Visa and dependent spouse (wife) visa. We have a few questions about Ancestry Visa and related dependent spouse visa requirements. Insights on any of the following questions will be greatly appreciated.

I have worked for years for a foreign company. I will continue to work for the same company remotely after entering the UK.
I would provide a copy of my employment contract and can certainly get a letter from my employer company.
(There is a double tax treaty between the UK and my employers country, so managing the tax issues is easy enough.)

Q1. Does remote work for a foreign employer satisfy the Ancestry Visa work requirement?

Q2. Is a copy of my employment contract (stating I can work remotely) and an employer's letter sufficient evidence that I work for that company and that I will continue to work for the company after arrival in the UK?
If not, then what other documents do I need to provide?

Please note: I intend to rely on funds in my bank account to evidence sufficient maintenance and support capability.
Q3. However, do I also need to supply proof of wages being paid into my account (or pay slips) as evidence that I am working?
If I need bank statements or pay slips to prove I am working, then for how many months do the bank statements or pay slips need to cover?
(I know for some types of visa's they must cover 6 or even 12 months, but I am specifically asking about the Ancestry Visa requirement.)

My understanding is one option to prove sufficient means to support is to have sufficient funds in the bank.
I have read that all that is required is a bank statement showing a balance amount dated not earlier than 31 days before the application date.
In other articles I read the bank statement must prove the funds have been available to me for some length of time... and some articles say 90 days, and some say just for 1 month.

Q4. Can anyone clarify exactly what must be shown in a bank statement if relying on funds as proof of the ability to maintain and support the Ancestry Visa applicant and dependent spouse (wife)?

Q5. My understanding is the FM Appendix financial requirements do not apply to ancestry visa spouse applications. Is that correct?


This query is about the impact/s upon the dependent spouse (ancestry route) visa holder if the main Ancestry Visa holder swaps to and obtains UK citizenship for example after 1 year of holding the Ancestry Visa.

Q6. If the holder of the Ancestry Visa applies for and obtains British Citizenship, then does the (Ancestry Visa) dependent spouse's visa automatically terminate?

Q7. Does the dependent spouse need to immediately apply for a new visa, this time as the dependent spouse of a UK citizen? If yes, then how much time does the dependent spouse have to submit the new visa application?

It would be great if anyone could provide a breakdown of the timeline and steps to be taken and any related insights - thank you


If anyone has experience on these above processes that they can share then we would greatly appreciate your comments . Thank you!
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