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Moving to canada

Moving to canada

Old Apr 29th 2001, 3:09 am
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I wonder if anyone can advise me please...i would be very grateful...i have a fiancee who is candian..i am english, am divorced and have 2 children...we want to get married and for me to live in manitoba with him...i have a house which i own and am intending to lease out and eventually sell in a few years...he is coming over to visit next year and we can be married here very quickly and easily...we would like for me to return to canada with him..would it be better to return as his wife with him ..or would it make no real difference to my application ?? ...he is prepared to sponsor me and the children...i am currently working and have done so for about a year (took time off to raise children)...he is employed and has been since leaving school...thanking you in advance for any help..

Old Apr 29th 2001, 4:44 pm
Kay Carbe
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As far as my experience goes, and I am in the midst of this whole process, you have
no legal standing as a fiancée to enter Canada without the Visa first. My (now)
Canadian husband was misinformed by inland immigration in Canada and so I arrived
with my 2 sons at the airport, and declared my intentions of staying in Canada to
marry him. I was told that I only had a right to enter Canada to apply for landed
status as a wife not as a fiancée. I was lucky as they issued us each with a
Ministers Permit which meant we were able to stay legally for a year whilst we
married and made the application for him to sponsor us from within. Whilst this
worked for me I would not advise anyone try this as it is a bit "iffy" to say the
least. Better that you enter Canada as a wife and not a fiancée.

I considered leasing my house in the UK, and decided that anything could happen to
it, as I have heard horror stories about how houses were left by tenants. I decided
that if I was going to leave England then it may as well be to have a total fresh
start and use the money from my house sale to help set us up here in our own house as
my husband was renting.

We have now been approved for processing in Canada and I have applied for a work
permit. All this took just short of a year and I am pleased to say that everything
has worked out. However half of the time we were misinformed and spent months going
around in circles. I wish I'd found this NG earlier!

Bear in mind too, that if you lease your house in the UK and there are problems that
as a spouse being sponsored inland you are expected to remain in Canada for the
duration of your application, and any time you leave Canada could be construed as
your abandoning the wish to become a permanent resident, as well as not being
guaranteed that they will let you back in. My view was that I didn't want anything to
happen in the UK that would worry me from Canada. I was lucky in that I sold my house
in a fairly reasonable time..... when it actually happened that I had a buyer it went
through within 6 weeks from start to finish. My solicitor would not let me book a
flight until they had signed the contract (unlike Canada where they sign at the
beginning of the process and then there is no gazumping etc) which left me 8 days to
sell ALL my household furniture and goods. I had personal stuff boxed and ready to go
at this stage!!

Good luck in your move........ I hope it all goes well for you.


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