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Default RPL example

There are a few questions about this again today, so I've retrived this example, sorry can't remember who posted it, but I guess they wont mind it being posted again.
Was on the verge of starting this daunting task, but my employer has now offered the 457 temp visa.

Whoever wrote this feel free to claim responsibility.....

I filled out these sections :

1 Computer Organisation and Architecture X
2 Conceptual Modeling X
3 Database Management X
4 Data Communications and Networks
5 Data Structures and Algorithms
6 Discrete Mathematics
7 Ethical/Social Implications/Professional Practice X
8 Interpersonal Communications X
9 Program Design and Implementation X
10 Project Management X
11 Security X
12 Software Engineering and Methodologies X
13 Systems Analysis and Design
14 Systems Software X

Here is an example of what I wrote for the project management part, all sections were similar in length :

XXX (a company I worked for in the past), sole business was developing and selling their project management system, called XXX. Working on a project management system helped me to learn about the different aspects of managing a project and gave me a better understanding of the whole project cycle. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) methodology and standards I learnt at XXX gave me a better understanding of the importance of quality assurance. I personally think that a lot of companies shun the quality aspects of software. XXX ,(in my opinion) seem to want to get code out too fast these days and I come across problems almost daily that should have been picked up in simple quality assurance tests. Still, it seems to work for them. Software QA involves the entire software development process - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with. I have been involved in many types of QA testing for example, black box testing with XXX, integration testing with customized XX code and XXX, system testing at all sites I work at, this usually covers all combined parts of a system and is similar to black box testing. I do quite a bit of load, stress and performance testing for XXX clients. We normally use a product called XXX these days to do our stress and performance testing. XXX itself has recently included a ‘Network Test’ form (Please see screen dump attached). The Network Test consists of a latency test and a bandwidth test. Latency is the time it takes for a single packet to make a round trip from your client side application to the server. The bandwidth test examines the data rate to see how many bytes per second your network can transfer from the server to the client. I have never had a position as a project manager and I tend to shy away from this, as I prefer a more technical role. I do see myself as a mini-project manager on some of my tasks, for example upgrading an XXX for a client takes some managerial skills, ie. planning, scheduling, tasking and testing.

Yes, I got a positive assessment.
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