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Originally Posted by <")))><
So why then, do these recent developments fill me with dread?
I can tell you the answer to that.

When a person decides to emigrate, they like to think of their loved ones to be in good health, to make the already heart wrenching choice to move to another country a little easier.

Its easier on us to know that a healthy smiling family will wave you off at the airport.

And in the back of your mind, you have a childlike hope that you wont have to face a family death whilst you are in Australia, although you know that is not realistic.

So when something rocks your boat of security and you are leaving someone that is ill, your life is turned upside down because you fear it will be the last time you see them.

You are going through what many people will at some point suffer when they are in Australia, you are coping with illness before you go as opposed to when you have moved.

I don't know what to say to help you, because I nearly lost my mum in March and dont know how I will cope with leaving her.

The only thing I can suggest, is by anyway you can, have a return ticket. So you can return to the UK should an emergency arise, or at least the money for a ticket. If you go out on a return ticket, then you know you can save the return portion for when you need it.

Set up if you can, an emergency fund so in the event of something needing it, you can go back to the UK. Have the flights details of cheap airlines and their contact numbers, so you are good to go if you need to.

When you get there, keep all lines of communication open with your mum, phone her as many times as you can afford, phone cards are dirt cheap out there, if you call her 4 times a week, email her, get a webcam.

Make a point of being in contact with her more than ever so she will get use to talking to you more.

I hardly saw my mum before she was ill, as I dont drive and the hours I worked. By christ, im on the phone to her every day now, she gets cross with me as I always interrupt her TV!

I cant visit her at the moment as Im in plaster!

But once she and you realise that Australia doesnt mean 'outer space', both of you will feel more secure.

I wouldnt talk too much about Australia whilst she is getting over this, just be there for her and try, finances allowing, to make sure you have the way of getting back when she needs you.

Im so sorry I cant be of further help, this is making me think back to March when it happened to me.

I always say that love can reach any distance, all four corners of the globe.

And Australia is 2 days away (flight permitting)

Good luck mate


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