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Moving Abroad

Worldwide Voltage and TV Standards

December 5, 2005 |

A list of the voltage, frequency and TV standards of over 20 countries. Read More


October 9, 2005 |

Having cancelled our proposed move to Australia, I thought it might be interesting for those about to go or those who are having second thoughts, an alternative point of view. Read More

Be Careful What You Wish For

August 29, 2005 |

Isn’t it funny, there are people that spend time, vast amounts of money and suffer tons of stress to begin what they think will be a new life in Australia. There are people that are financially secure, will be mortgage free in Australia and things will ‘go their way’. They may however, feel despite what they have, they miss what they don’t have – Great Britain, family and friends.
Read More

The Secrets to Success Abroad

July 21, 2005 |

You can spend months and years struggling to make a successful life abroad…or you can read these tips and find the shortcut to a happy and stress-free new life overseas. Read More

Family, Friends and Your Migration

June 14, 2005 |

Every time I read the tales of how families have coped with loved ones migrating, it always makes me think about how I will deal with my own situation once it comes around.  Is there a perfect way of telling your family you are moving to the other side of the world?  Should it be kept secret till the last possible minute? Or is there a better way of ‘sweetening the pill’? Read More