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Family and Community Matter

October 13, 2014 |

Many expats living in Spain fail to recognise the importance of family and community to the Spanish people. Unlike many Northern European countries, where the sick and elderly are shipped off to hospitals, care homes and hospices, it is … Read More

More and more British expats claiming winter heating allowance

October 10, 2014 | 2

British expat pensioners claimed received more than £21 million in benefits from the British government last year, including more than £16 million for winter fuel payments.

New figures released by the Department for Work and Payments reveal that a total … Read More

Positivity in European property market

October 9, 2014 |

Let’s start with a stat. Two thirds of Europeans say house prices are too expensive. That’s according to a survey of over 12,000 European consumers by ING Bank.

It’s very possible that you’re reading this in the UK, and wondering … Read More

Adventurous expats living in remote corners of the world to feature in new Channel 4 television series fronted by designer Kevin McCloud.

October 7, 2014 |

British designer and television presenter Kevin McCloud will follow the inspirational stories of ordinary Brits who’ve quit the rat race and built their own self-sufficient home in splendid isolation overseas.

From building a cabin in the Arctic to … Read More

Expat Voice

October 6, 2014 |

My weekly blog ‘Twitters from the Atlantic’ was initially intended as a brief follow up to my novel ‘Letters from the Atlantic’, which were published in a local newspaper. This weekly series has since appeared in magazines, newspapers and … Read More

Ready for your holidays? Here’s what you need to remember

October 4, 2014 |

Documents Don’t forget your ID card or passport – even if you are travelling between countries inside the EU’s border-free area, it’s still a good idea to carry these documents in case you need to prove your … Read More