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Looking for a place that serves you favourite British tipple? Try and search the destinations page.

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Key West Florida

Key West Florida vacation and travel information. Local experts provide a wealth of information with personal recommendations for tours, boat trips, attractions, and restaurants.

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Car Leasing & Financing For Expats In USA - New or Used cars any make or model

ExpatRide provides foreign nationals moving to or already in the U.S. with car leasing/purchasing of new/used vehicles, any make or model from any car dealership nationwide. We do not require a U.S. credit score, SSN and in most cases not even a local driver’s license to deliver cars. Personal Car Shopper Service (free service): ExpatRide offers according to your wishes we will find your vehicle for you, negotiate the price and check the condition. This ensures that you get a good price and that the vehicle is in good condition. Flexible leasing/financing option that lets the customer get out the contract with less hassle and monetary penalties as our product is tailored for expatriates. Interest rates are between 4.5% and 5.5%. Insurance: Get competitively priced insurance for new or used car. No local driver's license needed to set-up coverage.

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New York City Map 360° for Expats

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NYC Map 360° offers all usefull maps of New York City. The transport maps, the tourist maps of monuments, attractions, museums, and sightseeings will be useful tools to visit the city of New York in the United States.

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