new I-94 from?

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Al-Kaddah .
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Hi, I'm from germany and have a pending I486/I-130. i wanted to change my drivers
lic. to a Fl drivers license last week and they asked for passport and I-94 Form, so
i showed them,, but they have never seen the new I-94 forms. it has the same size as
Airline tickets and has magnetic stripe in the back, it says I-94 and somewhere else
"for airline use only" that what confused the Driv. Lic. Supervisor. He couldnt reach
nobody on last Friday, because of Easter, but i have an appointment for next Tuesday.
Since when did the INS change the Form and look of the I-94? anyone can help? thanks.

Keen ! Your personal Advisor . .
Old Apr 16th 2001, 3:00 pm
Stephen C. Gallagher
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The INS has begun using an automated I-94 card on certain flights into the US to
improve efficiency at US ports of entry. You can find more on this at

I can sympathize with you. It's called bureaucracy, and I'm sure you're familiar with
it in Germany.

Something similar happened to friends who moved from the US to Canada. They legally
imported their US registered car and they were issued the papers allowing them to
register it in Canada. However, the government had just changed the format and title
of the import permit. Instead of being a small pink card, the import permit was now a
large white form. Each time they tried to register their car, the agent kept asking
them for the "small pink card". When they said that they didn't have one, they were
told to go back to customs and get one. Customs told them that they don't issue the
small pink cards anymore. They went back to the vehicle registry office where the
agent and his supervisor said that they weren't authorized to accept anything else.
It eventually was straightened out. But it took several weeks, and about six written
letters before the registry office would accept the new vehicle import form.

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