Can I do my own EB I-485?

Old Jan 29th 2001, 3:56 am
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Immigration experts,

I worked for Company A for 2 years. During that time, I got my LC and I-
140. After the I-140 was granted, I left Company A on good terms and joined Company B n
a different state, where I have been for the past year. Company B is not working
out, so I contacted Company A and asked if I could rejoin them and if they would
resume my GC aplication with the next stage (I-485). They said yes, and their
lawyer said yes, too.

After thinking about it, it seems reasonable - as long as they did not withdraw the I-140
petition or the LC (and they said they didn't), as far as the INS is concerned, it's just
another GC application. Where I am currently working is irrelevant, as long as they
haven't applied for an I-140 for me (and they haven't). Am I right?

Now some interesting options are going through my head. Company A says they won't start
the I-485 unless I join them. It's a big, risky, expensive move for my family and I. So...
can I put in the I-485 myself (using my own lawyer) without their involvement?

If I then get the I-485 approved, as long as I then work for them for 1 year I will be OK
- right? Then I can stay here until I get the GC, and then move to Company A (a consulting
company that always needs good skill sets).

Will this idea work? PLEASE help, I am going nuts trying to decide what to do. And yes, I
know I am an idiot for leaving so far into the process, but it seemed like a good idea at
the time (I had .com gold rush fever).

Thanks in advance for any help.

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