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Default 15 Years in

Hi all

Well 15 years have passed since leaving the UK and heading to Perth.

I've been back to Blighty a couple of times and to be honest don't like what I see. I'd be happy not to visit again. I've watched friends come and go and after my time here can safely say-

Do not think changing countries will solve your problems. Example - If your marriage has issues in the UK it probably will here. I've seen friends think moving will fix their problems, but they bring those problems with them. Its like a never ending spiral of self destruction.

Come for the right reasons. Have a plan what you want out of moving, new jobs, change of proffesion better enviroment for your kids.

Stay and at least get your citizenship, if not for yourselves but your children. There is no greater gift than dual citizenship if they're unemployed in the UK when older, in a rut there is an option for them, no visa hassles straight in. Australia literally is their get out of jail free card.

Come with a positive attitude, if your positive you can do so much, it makes the entire transition easier. Emerse yourself in all things Aussie, make an effort, gain new friends and really you won't look back.

Many expats say Australia is the land of opportunity, well it truly is if your up for the challenge.

I'm still in Perth and I can definitely say this is where I'm supposed to be, I live out bush on acreage, still vet nurse, which I trained for when I first arrived, see you really can change things around for the better, hubby came over as a roofer and did a total of 10 weeks in 15 years in that proffesion, he's done a few things but never found it hard to find a job. Our son moved to Adelaide of all places, but he also never considered going back.
We came out with myself not stepping foot in Aus before, as did our 11 year old son. We from day one made an effort to fit in, this was home and the UK just where we originated from.

Australia really is a great place to live, but its what you make it.

Good luck to those who make the leap of faith down under, embrace your chance of a new start and you'll go far.

For those going back, think of the resoning behind it, don't blame lack of shops (heard that one) education system (probably just as bad if not worse in UK), not settled, try another subburb/ house don't just write off an entire country first. No friends, guess what you need to make an effort, making friends is harder the older you get whether its here or elsewhere. Too expensive, I get it, Australia is an expensive country to live in but only if you live outside your means, sorry I follow bare foot invester. Life sometimes is hard but that is when we see the best of ourselves when we turn it around and make it work.
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