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Old Oct 24th 2004, 10:03 pm
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can SELL this FBI agents' NOC LIST and MAKE MILLIONS of dollars like
Tom Cruise (Ethan) did in the movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.


If your IQ is LESS THAN 100, you are kindly requested to ignore the
rest of this column and move on to the next post in the news group.

Please SAVE this post on your hard disks or email account and also
bookmark it because the FBI SADISTS and PERVERTS are gonna force the
websites to remove this posting for good. I ADDED a few more
undercover FBI agents to the NOC LIST and also a few more facts about

I request all you HACKERS on usenet to HACK these undercover FBI
agents IP addresses and trace their REAL IDENTITIES and post the info

I am NOT a conspiracy theorist and everything I mentioned here
actually happened to me and are ABSOLUTE FACTS.

I posted this to all active newsgroups around Sep 24th and the FBI
"ARM TWISTED" and "FORCED" google management to filter my posts
getting on the internet to STOP me from EXPOSING the EVIL FACE, the

I again posted it around Oct 10th to all "active newsgroups" and

HAIL GOOGLE MANAGEMENT Sergey Brin and Larry Page who stands for and
supports the POWERLESS common man on the street and FREEDOM OF SPEECH
PASSWORD (due to FBI "coercion") of my email id [email protected]
which I used in my previous posts on Oct 10th to receive emails from
newsgroup readers. So I no longer have access to this email id
[email protected].

To all of the 95% low IQ morons on usenet who accused me of schizo
paranoia and looking for attention and asked me why I was cross
posting to irrelevant newsgroups: Here is my answer.

ABUSE and their BLATANT violation of human rights of an ordinary US

2) I want all of you to STAND UP and ask the EVIL, PERVERTED and
SADISTIC FBI why they have to install video devices and watch me in my
rest room, bedroom, living room and kitchen and PSYCHO-ANALYSE me 24X7

3) I am posting to this to all active newsgroups to EXPOSE the
ordinary US citizens.

reading you clowns' comments in response to my post on usenet because
all you 95% "PROGRAMMED SLAVES" BEHAVED exactly the way the FBI

5) There are very few intelligent guys who responded to my post and
one of them is "bookwyrm" who figured why I was posting this to all
active newsgroups and another by anonymous name "assassians" and
another by the name "Anatid" who tried to really help me.



and SEXUALLY ABUSING me and BLATANTLY violating my civil rights
non-stop for three years.

Undercover FBI agents will attack me, ridicule me and discredit me
with fictitious userids in response to this post and I request all
readers to completely IGNORE those MANIPULATIVE, LYING FBI perverts,
sadists and thugs.

Please forward and distribute this to as many senators, congressmen,
journalists, editors, civil rights attorneys, civil rights activists,
investigative reporters, radio talk show hosts, managers, co-workers,
family and friends and all Americans concerned with civil liberties.

I am not a muslim, I don't have even a single muslim friend, I am not
a member of any religious organization, I am not a drug smuggler, I do
not belong to any crime mafia, I did not kill anybody, I am not a spy
and I never ever worked for any government and not even "remotely
connected" to any government agency whatsoever, I do not have any
prior criminal record, I am a US citizen and have been living in US
for a little more than 15 yrs and I graduated with a masters degree in
computer science from a US university more than a decade ago. I am
even willing to take "ANY NO.OF POLYGRAPH TESTS" to prove whatever I
said is true and a fact, about my background.

FBI has been MENTALLY TORTURING me with 24X7 surveillance for the last
three years inside and outside my apartment with video surveillance
devices and motion sensors around my apartment, my phone has been
tapped, my web surfing is being monitored all the time for the last
three years, my emails are being monitored, gps vehicle tracking
devices and voice amplification devices have been placed in my car and
undercover FBI agents have followed me to restaurants, grocery stores,
malls, movie theatres, banks and even barber shops etc and forced me
to live like an animal and a virtual prisoner for three years. FBI has
interfered in my personal life for no reason and jeopardized my job
opportunities. FBI is obsessed with me and has ruined, destroyed and
wrecked my life for the last three years and destroyed my physical and
mental health.

The SADISTIC FBI agents are NOT charging me, NOT letting me find a
job, NOT letting me have a normal life, NOT letting me have even an
IOTA of PRIVACY and mentally TORTURING and TERRORIZING me with 24X7
surveillance, making 2000 UNSOLICITED phone calls to my unlisted
phone#s, entering my apartment ILLEGALLY and STEALING personal
belongings when I am not home, watching me real time live with video
surveillance devices installed in my bedroom, living room, kitchen and
DISGUSTINGLY even in my rest room and humiliating and dehumanizing me
and BLATANTLY violating my civil rights and constitutional right to

The PERVERTED FBI "ILLEGALLY" installed tens of audio and video
surveillance devices in my apartment, watching me NAKED, REAL TIME
LIVE 24X7 even in my rest room taking shower, psychoanalyzing each and
every move, each and every word I said, each and every second of my
life, each and every blink of my eyes and each and every comment I
posted on the web.

Is there a LIMIT to FBI Sadism and Perversion ??

If you want to contact me, please send me email at
[email protected] by removing the letter "A" and the word
"not" from the email id and cc it to [email protected]. But I
am not sure how long I will have access to these email ids before the
"DICTATORIAL FBI COERCES" the websites to change my password WITHOUT
my authorization.

I spoke to at least 200 attorneys in both Michigan and Georgia for
legal help but only about two or three attorneys were willing to help
me but asked me to show physical proof of either gps or video
surveillance devices. I did a lot of research and found a couple of
private investigators (who were ex-FBI agents) more importantly who
are knowledgeable about the latest "counter surveillance technologies"
but they also DECLINED to help me on ONE PRETEXT or the OTHER even
though I was willing to pay for their services.

I told these two very HIGHLY QUALIFIED and KNOWLEDGEABLE private
investigators Niles (Eagle services 866-691-7985) and another PI,
Charles Middlestadt (404-252-5322) of ISC Worldwide Inc in the Atlanta
area who are capable of finding the gps vehicle tracking devices in my
car, that I am NOT A MUSLIM and they have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT ME
and even offered them to go through my attorney and help me but still
THEY DECLINED to help me OUT OF FEAR that I might be a muslim.

Another Private Investigator by the name John Weeks of Investigative
Solutions www.invsol.com in Atlanta told me that it would be
IMPOSSIBLE to find out these video, audio and gps surveillance devices
if the GOVERNMENT (FBI) is doing it.

And eventually I was forced to spend a $1000 as fees out of sheer
desperation knowing fully well that the Private Investigator I hired
has at best AVERAGE counter surveillance skills to sweep my car for
gps vehicle tracking devices and he did a LOUSY JOB and found nothing,
as I expected.

One attorney in Michigan CHEATED me for a thousand dollars and didn't
do diddly squat and another attorney made me spend a couple of
thousand dollars more, again for nothing.

Some attorneys I consulted told me in very CLEAR TERMS that FBI agents
METHODS. The attorneys also told me that in order for me to file a
civil lawsuit against the FBI, I have to PROVE the existence of
surveillance devices and also the MENTAL TORTURE, the SEXUAL ABUSE and
TERRORISM which will be quite a tall order for me to do without the
help of willing attorneys and helpful private investigators and EVEN
THEN the FBI sadists would have removed all those surveillance devices
by the time the private investigators came to sweep my apartment for
those devices after a couple of days since the FBI is listening to
each and every goddamn word that came out of my mouth whether it be in
my apartment or when I was speaking to these PI's and attorneys from
pay phones or cell phones.

You can investigate these undercover FBI agents yourself and find out
the truth. Remember, some times vehicles are registered in parents or
spouses names and also FBI uses fictitious front companies to employ
their undercover agents.

If any of you think, all these things are my paranoid delusions, I
CHALLENGE you to send an email to undercover FBI agent Frank Spodek
([email protected]) OR call Kathleen Sue Taylor OR Maddelina Wahl OR
Mediha Krijestorac or Janet Lorna Brown or the other FBI agents I
listed at their phone numbers and confirm it with those FBI PERVERTED
SADISTS themselves.

Undercover FBI agents who followed me (parial list)

313-354-7380 Internal unlisted FBI# in Detroit office from
which FBI agents called
and harassed me at home in 2001. I
wouldn't have possibly known
that this is an internal unlisted FBI#
unless they called me.

BOGEY 27 (MI) Registered to Maddelina C Wahl, 28087 Hickory Dr,
Farmington.Hills MI 38331, ph: 248-324-1527, Caucasian Female, black
car, Charter One bank, 3:00 pm, 12/20/03

This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 30 yr old Caucasian
Female to Charter One bank on W.12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI in
veh plate # BOGEY 27, ph:248-324-1527

PPL 587 (MI) Registered to Kathleen Sue Taylor, African American
female, 29390 Bermuda Ln,Southfield, MI 48034, ph: 248-356-1946.

This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 27yr old African
American female in MI veh plate# PPL 587 in July 2002 in a CVS
Pharmacy on W.12 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI

XRA 155 (MI) Registered to Mediha Krijestorac, Black car, 30408
Shiawasee Rd, Farmington MI 48336, ph:248-477-9161, White Male,
Restaurant, 9:00pm, 12/12/03

This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 20-22 yr old Caucasian
Male in veh plate # XRA 155 to a restaurant on Grand River Ave in
Farmington Hills, MI at 9:00 pm on 12/12/03.

UFX 210 (MI) Registered to Kevin Miller, White SUV, 5871 Seneca
St, Detroit, 48213, July 2002, 313-571-1095 #disconnected.

This undercover FBI agent followed me in the summer of 2002.

5915CR (MI) Registered to Kenneth Allen, Red pickup truck, 18440
Alta Vista Dr, Southfield MI 48075 in Dec 2002.

This FBI undercover agent followed me in a red pickup truck in an
apartment complex was a 27-33 yr old Caucasian male in veh plate# 5915
CR in Dec 2002.

0978 JD (MI) Registered to Janet Lorna Brown, White Chevy, 20978
Delaware St, Southfield MI 48034 in 2002, ph# 248-350-2599

This FBI agent followed me in a white chevy once on Telegraph road on
3/14/02 and on a different occasion on 8 Mile Rd on 4/4/02 when I went
for an oil change.

8CK U33 (MI) Registered to Doris Evelyn Person, 3611 S.Annabelle
St, Detroit 48217, 313-388-5186

The African American female undercover FBI agent who followed me in MI
veh plate# 8CK U33 was about 20 yrs old and might be a daughter of the
female owner of this car and this happened in early Fall of 2002.

073 D1U (MI) Registered to Scott Alan Smith, 7536 Gary St, Westland
MI 48185

This 25 yr old caucasian male undercover FBI agent about 25 yrs old
followed me near my apartment in the fall of 2002. phone# 734-261-1587
in 2002 (Disconnected)

LQE 620 (MI) SUV, Registered to Samuel Pilato, 40460 Cove ct,
Plymouth, MI 40460
Ph# 734-420-0521, 3/14/02 11:30AM

This caucasian undercover FBI agent about 35yrs old followed me to a
library in the spring of 2002 on Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI

EBAY Ebay Id: SpodekModek, [email protected] --> email Id of Frank
Spodek - Undercover FBI Agent who monitored my Websurfing activities.

You can do a quick investigative test by emailing to [email protected]
and asking Frank if he is an undercover FBI agent and I am absolutely
positive he WONT respond and DENY he is an FBI agent because then it
will be a LIE. With this test you can conclude Frank Spodek is indeed
an undercover FBI agent.

EBAY Ebay Id: cbsan, [email protected], email Id of
Cidney Betz - Undercover FBI agent who monitored my websurfing
activities in 2002.

Possible old phone numbers of Cidney Betz: 407-370-3043 or
352-291-2112 in the year 2002.

351 FTK (GA) Maroon Car, 7/28/04, 6:00 pm, 20ish Caucasian Male and
Female, Metro Atlanta

131 YBP (GA) 35 yr old Caucasian Male, Silver colored car, 7/22/04,
10:45 pm, Hotel, Metro Atlanta

APZ 7647 (GA) 35 yr old Caucasian Male, Truck, 5/25/04, 3:00pm,
Ridgeview Hospital, Atlanta

YUU 243 (GA) Pickup truck, Caucasian male, 8/25/04, 4:40pm,
Holcrombe Bridge Rd, Altanta

AQG 2185 (GA) 27 yr old Caucasian Female, Red Cherokee, 5/21/04, 11
AM, Pep Boys, Cobb Parkway

WPS 578 (GA) SUV, One Caucasian Male and one female, 3/8/04,
8:30pm, Apartment Complex

Coipel 770-577-0526 (5/2/04, 5:29pm), 4337 Lodgeview pl,
Douglasville, GA
30315. undercover FBI agent in metro Altanta

Ronnie Hill 678-755-2034, Possibly an FBI agent

Please allow three years plus or minus to the ages of the undercover
FBI agents I mentioned here.

2/29/04 Undercover FBI agent with a fictitious name "Agent
Johnson" and IP address said on internet that they are
using me as a training target and have got a bet on as to when I'll do
something really stupid and also they are taking bets on what it will
be in alt.astrology Usenet newsgroup on 2/29/04. This FBI agent from
Michigan field office might have posted it anonymously and hence the
IP address might be a fake one. Url for Agent Johnson's post follows.


3/21/04 Undercover FBI agent by some fictitious internet name
"THOR" and email Id: [email protected] and IP address in the Washington DC area monitored my web surfing
activities and posted on rec.sport.cricket Usenet news group.

10/6/04 Leonard (Undercover FBI agent monitoring my websurfing
activities) posted
in rec.audio.car newsgroup


10/15/04 Els (Undercover FBI agent "Els" monitoring my websurfing
posted in alt.test newsgroup


10/10/04 J NIcklebaker (Undercover FBI agent monitoring my
websurfing activities)
posted in alt.liberalminded newsgroup


I am absolutely confident all the above mentioned people are
undercover FBI agents GUARANTEED. You can investigate them yourself
and find out the truth.

I request all you HACKERS on usenet to HACK these undercover FBI
agents' IP addresses and trace their real REAL IDENTITIES and post the
info here.

FBI who is supposed to catch terrorists are WASTING humongous amount
of tax payers money to ruin, wreck and destroy ordinary peoples lives
and are MORE INTERESTED and spent three years to tell me how SMART and
INFINITELY POWERFUL they are compared to me.

FBI has even been eavesdropping, monitoring and recording my
conversations with attorneys from pay phones when I was looking to
hire an attorney to get help with this FBIs harassment,
dehumanization, humiliation and mental torture.

FBI agents have been entering my apartment regularly and torturing me
by doing whatever they want because they know I am taking medication
that puts me to sleep and I won't wake up until the next morning until
the drug effect goes away.

FBI has forced Google or used some technology at their disposal to
cancel some of my comments from getting posted on INTERNET newsgroups
misc.legal, trial.misc.legal from a library in Farmington Hills, MI
and denied and VIOLATED my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH in 11/03 or

I moved in with another person (who advertised on a website for a room
mate) on 5/24/04 and I went out in his car on the night of 5/25/04 and
the next morning 5/26/04, at 9:30am the SADISTIC FBI called me and
made this phone# 678-560-1322 and the caller name "LOOKING FOR YOU"
appear on my caller id to tell me, "Oh we were LOOKING for you last
night, we did not know where you were because you went out in your
room mates car". The sadistic and perverted FBI "ILLEGALLY" installed
gps vehicle tracking devices in my room mates car the next day to
TRACK ME, even though my room mate has nothing to do with me and we
were complete strangers until the previous day.

The same day on 5/26/04 evening, I went out in my car and came back
around 7:45 pm, parked my car in the parking lot and on the way I said
"nice car" to my neighbor who was cleaning his car, to which he
replied "thanks". Within a few minutes at 8:44 pm, the SADISTIC FBI
called and made phone# 770-690-8489 with caller name "NEIGHBOR
OUTREACH" appear on my caller id to tell me, "Oh we saw and heard what
you said to your neighbor in the parking lot". The FBI was able to see
and hear me because they installed VIDEO and AUDIO surveillance
devices around my apartment. to figure out FBI and their operations.

When I went to Best Buy in Feb 2002 to buy a cell phone, two caucasian
FBI agents (possibly husband and wife) followed me into the store and
observed me from a very close range and sent me a marketing fax for
cell phones to my UNLISTED phone# THAT SAME EVENING to tell me that
the SADISTIC FBI were WATCHING ME even in retail stores.

FBI agents have terrorized me by calling my current unlisted phone#
atleast 200 times in a month and a half in July and August 2004,
intentionally asking for Roberto Fernandez (last name changed),
knowing fully well that nobody by the name Roberto Fernandez lived in
my apartment.

I called undercover FBI agent, Kathleen Sue Taylor on 4/1/04 and told
her I do not want to receive any HARASSING UNSOLICITED phone calls
from the FBI and from next day onwards, the FBI had made my unlisted
phone# appear on caller id of ordinary american people multiple # of
times, where the owners of those phone#s listed below got upset and
called me and left abusive messages in my answering machine.

The owners of these phone numbers listed below called and asked me why
I was calling them repeatedly, even though I DON'T KNOW who they are
and I NEVER called them even once.
703-580-8992 4/2/04 Dale City, VA
540-309-1226 4/3/04 Roanoke VA
434-525-1448 4/3/04 Lynchburg, VA
757-404-1076 4/4/04 Harry Folsom left me an abusive
703-820-6695 4/4/04 DC Suburb, VA
770-966-5236 4/4/04 Cooper P D, Woman left me an
abusive message
757-483-0583 4/7/04 Norfolk, VA
540-463-7459 4/7/04 Lexington VA
770-253-6297 4/8/04 Hammond Stinson
703-541-0950 4/9/04 DC Suburb, VA

FBI pretended to be me and made all these phone calls themselves from
the FBI head office in Washington DC to those ordinary Americans and
made my unlisted phone# appear on their phone caller ids, as if I am
calling them.

Please speak to, ADVISE and ENCOURAGE these people above to file
lawsuits against the US government and FBI for violating their privacy
and for phone harassment.

(If you are RICH, you can use a PRIVATE EYE to get the phone call
lists of these numbers above and find a COMMON PHONE# among the lists
on the SPECIFIC DAYS mentioned above to zero in on the common unlisted

FBI agents have destroyed my livelihood by assasinating my character
with potential employers by making anonymous calls to them when I sent
resumes since FBI is privy to all the email addresses and phone
numbers of the recruiters and potential employers. I do NOT think this
is an EXCEPTION and imagine how many ordinary Americans have been
suffering this "FBI SADISM for years" without knowing it.

Once a Caucasian male FBI agent in a Comcast van threatened to ram
into my car from behind and came within half an inch of hitting me
from behind even though there was no traffic altercation between us on
a city street in Southfield in Feb 2002.

Two FBI agents once shouted at me and abused me verbally in a Sports
Authority store parking lot approximately around Feb 2002 in Livonia,

FBI ILLEGALLY stole passwords of all my email and internet accounts
with the help of bugs installed on my computer.

FBI agents have followed me even when I went to see a doctor. There
was one Caucasian FBI agent in a white truck with GA license plate APZ
7647 on 5/24/04, waiting for me in a truck in Ridgeview hospital
parking lot listening to the conversation I was having with the
doctor, using voice amplification devices.

I am currently living in a two bedroom apartment sharing it with
another person and the FBI sadists made anonymous calls to the
apartment management office with fictitious complaints and tried to
get me evicted from the apartment in July 2004.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home in May
2004, stole a "yellow highlighter" and after I moved to a different
Atlanta suburbs a month later entered my apartment again when I was
not home and placed the "yellow highlighter" on the carpet in the
middle of my bedroom by the time I came back from watching Fahrenheit
9/11 movie on 6/27/04. The FBI knew that I went to watch Fahrenheit
9/11 movie on 6/27/04 because they were watching me looking for
directions and movie times on the internet and also with the help of
gps vehicle tracking devices in my car.

I spoke to an attorney from a pay phone on 6/24/04 and during the
conversation I asked the attorney if we can get a court order to force
the Internet Service Provider to reveal if my internet web surfing is
being monitored by the FBI and lo and behold my internet account
MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED from the ISP computers on 6/25/04. On inquiry
my ISP told me somebody called and cancelled my internet account the
previous day, which I never did.

My room mate goes to work around 6 AM and on the night of 7/23/04 I
pasted a 8.5 X 11 page note on the inside of the apartment entrance
door for my room mate to wake me up when he leaves so I can bolt the
hotel lock from inside and go back to sleep. My room mate woke me up
like I requested and I bolted the hotel lock from inside of my
apartment and went back to sleep at 6 AM on the morning of 7/24/04.
The sadistic FBI agents STILL ENTERED my second floor apartment while
I was asleep between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM on 7/24/04 and REMOVED the
8.5X11 inch page pasted note on the inside of entrance door and LEFT
IT on the ENTERTAINMENT CENTER in the living room just to TORTURE ME
mentally and TERRORIZE me ?e entered your apartment even when you
locked the hotel lock bolt and did this, but what can you do ??

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on the night of 8/1/04 when
I was asleep and stole prepaid calling card pin numbers from my
trouser pockets. One of the prepaid calling cards in my trouser pocket
was called "I Conexion" and the FBI next day called me on 8/2/04 and
made the number 770-242-8775 with caller name "Internet Conexion"
appear on my caller id to TERRORIZE me, that they entered my apartment
the previous night and stole the prepaid calling numbers from my
trouser pocket. The phone# above is NOT an FBI# but some other

To protect myself from these SADISTIC FBI agents entering into my
apartment and stealing things when I am asleep, I locked my bedroom
door from the inside and put a small heavy box and a 19 inch TV on top
of the box against the bed room door on the night of 8/7/04 so if the
FBI agents try to open my bedroom door, the TV will fall off the box
at the slightest movement of the door, make a big sound and wake me
up. On the morning of 8/8/04 around 9:00 AM I woke up to a giant
thudding sound of the TV falling on the floor from the box and FBI
agents speeding away by the time I realized what happened. FBI agents
entered my apartment and opened my locked bedroom and pushed the door
at 9:00 AM so hard, they pushed the box a good two feet away from the
door. The FBI SADISTS are even willing to break my 19 inch TV to

FBI agents ILLEGALLY CHANGED three passwords (even though I used
Kinkos to keep my PASSWORDS PRIVATE) of my three email ids that I was
using to send this document to investigative reporters between 8/26/04
and 8/28/04 to "PREVENT ME" from EXPOSING their SADISM, PERVERSION,
installing key logging software on kinkos computers or by some other
ILLEGAL MEANS unknown to me. So I created brand new email ids and sent
this document and god knows when the SADISTIC FBI will change the
passwords of my NEW email ids.

To escape this FBI sadism, I went and slept in an acquaintance's
apartment in the first week of September 2004 and the SADISTIC FBI
agents still came and entered that apartment, installed video
surveillance devices in the acquaintance's apartment and drew a curvy
line with a knife on the black colored apartment door of the
acquaintance to TERRORIZE me.

FBI has entered my unlisted phone#s in all marketing and fax databases
and sent me faxes in the middle of the night. FBI sent me on the
average two to three marketing calls and faxes everyday for 3 years to
my unlisted numbers totaling at least 2000 unsolicited calls in the
last 3 years.

To all of you who are gonna advise me to wear tinfoil or take drugs
for schizophrenic paranoia, the SADISTIC FBI wants all of you to think
exactly that way so they can CONTINUE to carry on their PERVERSE
SADISM on ordinary american citizens and MISDIRECT and PROGRAM all of
the 290 mil american brains to treat the EVIL, SADISTIC, PERVERTED and

By now, you should have figured out the gist of what and how the FBI
me with their INFINITE POWER. You can read the rest of FBI sadism
below if you have time.

************************************************** ***********************************

I rented a car on 7/14/04, bought a cell phone and stayed in a hotel
that night and by next morning 7/15/04, the FBI has figured out where
I was staying and wire tapped my cell phone and tracked me by placing
gps vehicle tracking devices even in the rental car.

FBI agents ILLGEALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
7/16/04 and LOCKED the bathroom door from inside, by the time I came
back in the evening.
FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home between
7/15/04 and 7/18/04 and logged on to my computer and REMOVED a stock
list from my Yahoo account.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
7/18/04 in the morning and turned the Air Conditioner "ON"
intentionally by the time I came back to TORTURE me.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 7/18/04 when I was not
home and placed a razor blade and a nickel (which they STOLE from my
apartment in Marietta in May 2004) and put it in a plastic bag to

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment in the early hours of
7/22/04 (while I was still sleeping in bed) and opened a tote bag I
kept next to the pillow and unzipped a small bag (zip which I closed
the previous night) inside, just to TERRORIZE ME as if to say, we can
and will do anything to you and you can't do anything to us because we

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
7/22/04 during the day time and placed the TV remote this time hanging
on the edge of the bed to TERRORIZE me that they entered my apartment.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment sometimes when I was not
home, pretending to be Wall Street Journal delivery personnel and
delivered sometimes MUTIPLE copies of the paper on the same day and
also sometimes delivered multiple Chinese restaurant take out

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home in the
evening on 7/24/04 and again opened the tote bag and unzipped a small
bag which is inside the tote bag and also STOLE a one time use Kodak
camera from my bedroom which I bought on 7/23/04 in Wal Mart.

FBI agents have REGULARLY entered my apartment ILLEGALLY with laptops
when I was not home and copied information from my computer and floppy
disks and messed them up.

Sadistic FBI agents called me at least 30 times repeatedly in the
space of an hour and a half between 7:00 and 8:30 pm on 7/27/04 and
asked for Roberto Fernandez knowing fully well that nobody by that
name lived in my apartment and infact said "You are so funny" and made
WEIRD SOUNDS like aye, uye, ick, ihe etc while watching me real time
live all the time with the video surveillance devices installed in the
ceiling of my bedroom when I answered the phone.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was asleep on 8/2/04
night even though the hotel lock was bolted from inside, and placed
the tv remote face down on the end table of my bedroom, folded a
prepaid calling card in my trouser pocket and formed a crease on the
card, removed a library map from the file folder (which was inside a
tote bag) and placed it outside the file folder and unzipped the back
pocket of the tote bag half way down and left it there to torture me.

FBI agents have been alerting the security departments of WalMart,
Best Buy, JC Penney stores etc with fictitious complaints when I went
there for shopping, so the security cameras in those stores are
constantly focused on me and watching me while I was in those stores.

I rented a car on 8/5/04 and stayed in a hotel to get some privacy and
the sadistic FBI agents still tracked me down that night and left the
rental car doors unlocked by next morning on 8/6/04.

I changed the car rented the previous day on 8/6/04 and traveled a
couple of hours on a highway, took an exit, parked my car in a strip
mall parking lot and spent about 20 minutes in a retail store and by
the time I got back to the car, FBI agents followed me and put two
quarters on a plastic bag containing donuts in the back seat of the
car just to taunt and terrorize me they are still following me even
when I rented a car and drove out of the city.

FBI agents STOLE a pilot pen pack (which I bought from CVS Pharmacy on
8/8/04) from my car on the night of 8/8/04 and entered my apartment on
8/9/04 when I was not home from 11 AM - 12 noon and placed the pilot
pen pack under a chair on the carpet in the living room to torture me.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 8/10/04 between 1:00pm
and 1:15 pm (just 15 min) when I went to Publix and turned the TV "On"
in my bedroom by the time I came back to mentally torture me.

SADISTIC FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was taking
shower on 8/12/04 around 1:00pm and removed a shaving set scissors
from the tote bag pocket in my bedroom and placed it on the iron board
in my bedroom. FBI was able to execute this operation because they
were watching me taking shower "real time live" with video devices
installed in my "bathroom".

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment even when the hotel lock was
bolted from inside in the early hours of 8/16/04 while I was asleep
and removed the middle row donuts in a 12 pack krispy kreme donut box
in the refrigerator and placed them in the empty left row and placed
the concord grape jelly bottle horizontally in the refrigerator and
unplugged the tv cable from the cable outlet in my bedroom to TORTURE
me that they are still entering my apartment anytime they want at
their will.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was asleep in the
early hours of 8/20/04 even when I put a coffee table against the
apartment entrance door and a small heavy box and a 19in TV against my
bedroom door from the inside and searched the locked tote bag and
unzipped the back pocket of the tote bag half way down and left it
there to TERRORIZE ME that they are still entering my apartment no
matter what precautions I take.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 8/22/04 around 7:30pm
while I was taking a nap and turned the Air Conditioner "ON" to TAUNT
me that they were entering my apartment EVEN WHEN I WAS still in my

FBI agents stole a Gillette disposable razor on the night of 8/25/04
from my duffel bag and placed it between the drivers seat and driver
side door near the trunk opening lever of my car.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY opened the rental car I rented, in a hotel
premises on the night of 8/27/04 and removed the cup holder and placed
it infront of the parking brake of the car to HARASS ME that they are
still following me even when I rented a car and stayed in a hotel.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY even tapped MetroPCS cell phone numbers
instantaneously as soon as I bought them on the same day.

SADISTIC FBI agents AMUSED themselves by turning my bedroom table lamp
in my bedroom, ON and OFF by using remote control devices, sometimes
while I was browsing the web.

FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered the hotel rooms even when locked from
inside where I stayed in August and September and installed video
surveillance devices and moved things around from the tote bag? zipped
side pocket into the tote bag to TERRORIZE me that they will INVADE my
privacy and MENTALLY TORTURE me even when I slept in hotel rooms.

Sometimes when I spoke to my roommate in non-English language, the
psycho-analysis OBSESSED SADISTIC FBI agents called me on the phone
immediately and said "komo-isthaaaa" in a SARCASTIC way and asked for
Roberto Fernandez knowing fully well that nobody by that name lived in
my apartment.

Sadistic FBI agents "reacted" to EACH and EVERY word that came out of
my mouth for the last three years by making 2000 UNSOLICITED HARASSING
phone calls at my unlisted private phone numbers.

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