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Default UK -v- Perth

I have applied to transfer from the UK Police to WA police (Perth) and have the assessment day coming up. However like many on here, I am obviously trying to decide if now is the right time to move over there. Here is my situation....

I'm just under 30 years old, I have no kids however I do have a girlfriend that has said that she would not move to Australia as it is to far away from the UK and transferring her job skills is very hard and expensive. We have been together for 2 years.

I have 5 years front line service in the UK Police.

I have a half decent social life here, I have some good friends and play in sports teams keeping myself busy.

I don't own my own house but if I wasn't applying for WA I would soon be looking to buy one.

I have a brother who lives in Sydney but we have never been particularly close, I only have my mother as very close family in the UK.

Money wise my wage covers everything that I need in the UK and allows me to save cash to put towards a house deposit, go out when I want, go on holiday etc. I'm in no debts and live comfortably on the money I earn.

With all of this in mind I am trying to decide if moving to Perth would be right at this time in my life. Over in Oz I fear the cost of living would ruin my experience, I may not find anywhere decent to live and eventually want to move back to UK but then I would not be able to re-join the UK Police.

But this move is always something I have dreamed about and if I don't do it now I think I will be too old or have to much service in a few years if the applications came around again.

What do people think? How do other people who have applied feel about the move?

I've also posted on the general Australia forum.

Thank you in advance for any replies.
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Default Re: UK -v- Perth

Its very difficult to judge your situation mate. Its all about weighing up the pro's and the cons. My situation is very different. My girlfriend is as keen as I am to move over there. I do own my own house and I have debts over here that I could not turn my back on. I dont think there is a a better time to make the move. With the way the police force over here is going. The cost of living in perth is expensive we all know that but the extra £20000 a year should balance that out ok. It depends on how lavish your lifestyle is. Everyones circumstances are different. I would be leaving behind close friends, family etc but you need to do whats right for you. If you do decide not to make the move, I feel you should drop out though instead of going through the process and potentially preventing someone else the chance. I personally have never been more sure of anything in my life. Good luck either way
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Default Re: UK -v- Perth


I understand your dilemma. I am just under 30 and same amount of service however this is not the first big move for me and financially, not owning a house or without any debts all in all Perth is much better as the difference is not as big as people make it. Take life as it is and try - if you do not like it, there is a way to get back to the UK force as I know people who went over and came back and are cops back here. so not much to lose much to gain!
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Default Re: UK -v- Perth

Have a look at the rest of the forum there's loads of info which will help you make you're decision.
Plenty of other people have posted similar threads.
I'm taking the view 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'.
Good luck.
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Default Re: UK -v- Perth

My situation is a little different. I'm 28 years old with just over 7 years experience. My family moved to oz 9 years ago and I stayed here. I got married. Own my house, husband step children, so I was never going to be able to move to Australia as we wouldn't be able to take the children and we wouldn't leave them. Now my marriage is breaking down and the natural thing is to join my family in oz. I would give my right arm to be over there now.

It is a little more expensive out there esp food however police officers do seem to do well on their wages. They have things in place which make it a hell of alot easier to buy your own place/build. In feb to build your own house they only wanted $3000 deposit. Alot of activities over there are free. You hav the weather so your always outside. Free BBQ's you can use in many parks and beach fronts. You have the beach. Most house/ apartments have pools.
Perth has a huge population of British (poms) that have emigrated so your friends become very close family. My mother and father have not had a better social life. Every weekend they take it in turns to hav a pool party everyone just splits what they bring, food/beer etc.

Although I don't regret meeting and marrying my husband I wish I had gone with my parents years ago. My sisters have done so well. One has built and sold a number of times and are now on a massive plot beach front mortgage free and only 26! My 21 year old sister put a deposit for a house to build at just 17 as they are eager for 1st buyer unlike this country.

I would always recommend the leap, but then its a little easier for me to say. Always remember, if its meant to be then it will happen. You can always come back to the uk. It's your life and the world keeps turning which ever path you take.

Sometimes you have to be brave. Think about the life your children will have and their children. They will be greatful down the line that you made that plunge and gave them the opportunity to live in a beautiful country

Now.... To get thro these blasted exams!

Best of luck in what ever you choose
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