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Chris79 Feb 4th 2008 12:05 pm

Opticians and contact lenses
I have a contract with an English firm for my contact lenses which is about to end.
Can anyone recommend a good optician in Abu Dhabi. I want one that deals with contact lenses and glasses (need some new glasses - sat on them!)

Thanks in anticipation

jvr20 Feb 5th 2008 4:42 am

Re: Opticians and contact lenses
can't help, Chris, but will be v interested in the replies. I'm in the same situation - i cancelled my contact subscription when i came over here almost a year ago, carrying a 4-month stockpile I had built up... When I bought new contacts from an optician here they just didn't work - uncomfortable from the moment I put them in, plenty of water and worst of all, just didn't correct. I couldn't read my computer screen, nor even signposts on the road.

Funny thing is when I took the contacts back to the UK with me over Christmas my local optometrist there said they should be fine - prescription was correct, same manufacturer (Bausch and Lomb) I was using before, maybe it was just a bad batch. Then again he gave me some other bad news that I won't bore you with but long story short, I've been stuck with my glasses for too long now :frown:

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