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Want to immigrate as Independent w/ family -- should we consider lawyer representation?

Want to immigrate as Independent w/ family -- should we consider lawyer representation?

Old Sep 9th 2001, 5:20 pm
Peter Tshimanga
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Hello, everyone:

I currently live in US and wish to immigrate to Canada thru the independent route.
Would one suggest that I get a lawyer representation for this? If so, is there any
recommendation? Finally, is there a city in Canada better suited for: a mixed couple
w/ children, and Information Technology background.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Old Sep 9th 2001, 6:06 pm
Andrew Miller
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It is impossible to give you any advice without knowing details of your case. In
general everyone may apply without any professional assistance and most applicants
with straightforward cases and strong qualification who are intelligent enough to
follow to the letter instructions from application kit don't need any such help. But
when it comes to less straightforward case, if there may be a problem with properly
matching intended occupation with education, skills and work experience, when
applicant is not sure if everything in the application package is prepared and
presented well and accordingly to the latest rules and Immigration Manual, if
applicant wants to be sure that there are no mistakes, errors, omissions, missing
documents. etc. then asking for professional assistance will be warranted and in most
cases worth it. Regardless how much research and reading you do and how many
questions you'll ask in this NG you will never have the knowledge of an experienced
immigration expert who deals every day for years with applications, who has access to
the latest changes in immigration manuals, operational memoranda, etc.

So, even if you think that your case is simple and you know everything you still
may be looking for someone who will complete your application package
professionally, make the strongest possible presentation of your case and be able
to access your files during the process if it becomes necessary. Or you may be just
looking for the piece of mind, this feeling of comfort instead of a fear that
something was not done right.

There are thousands of immigration experts to choose from - the only thing you should
keep in mind is that you should hire only expert located in Canada, as only Canadians
residing in Canada can gain access to your files. Then just talk to several different
professionals and find out with whom you feel most comfortable with. Price should
also be a factor but bear in mind that something what sounds too good to be true most
likely isn't, so you should probably stay away from those who offer very low prices.
And you should also stay away from extremely high prices for obvious reasons, unless
you can afford it and you'll feel more comfortable with $200 to $400 per hour hot
shot professional working from flashy downtown office with large staff on his
payroll. In most cases, after eliminating low and high extremes you will at the end
get what you are paying for.

But if you feel that you can easy do it all by yourself, after of course careful
research on CIC website and this NG then go ahead and do it.

As for mixed couple families - every medium and large Canadian city and their suburbs
are full of mixed couples, so you shouldn't worry about that. IT professionals?
Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal if you are bilingual and lately Vancouver and Calgary are
probably the best bets.



Andrew Miller Immigration Consultant Vancouver, British Columbia email:
[email protected] (delete REMOVE and INVALID from the above address before
sending email)

Old Sep 10th 2001, 1:05 pm
Berto Volpentesta
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Using professional services is a choice you have to make based on your = needs
and wants.

People have to choose to use or not to use professionals almost every = day. Do I
call the plumber or can I fix it myself? Do I change the = tires on the car or do I
take it to the garage? I am feeling ill, do I = go to the doctor? I want to make a
will, do I go see a lawyer?

After examining what you want you have to ask yourself:

Do I understand this? Can I complete the requirements on my own? Am I sure I
understand this? What is the cost of being wrong and can I afford it?

If you decide you want or need help ask yourself:

What kind of help do I need, all the way or just a bit? Who can give this to me?
(consultant, lawyer, friend) Is this person qualified? -do they belong to a
professional organization? -how long have they been doing this? -do they only do
immigration? -what is their background (former Immigration or are/were they =
travel agents or grocery store owners) -what do they charge? -is it reasonable for
what they do?

As for place to live, this may depend on what your preferences are. You = may want to
take a look at the various websites of some of Canada's = cities.

Toronto is the most culturally diverse city in Canada so if your = question about
mixed couples, then you will certainly blend into T.O. = Toronto is also the
financial capital of Canada with many opportunities = for all kinds of work.

However, I live in Toronto, so maybe a little biased. I am sure my = friends in
Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Halifax, = Charlettetown would have
wonderful things to say about their cities too. =

--=20 Good luck,

Berto Volpentesta, B.A. (Spec. Hons.), B.Ed. Member, OPIC Director, OPIC and
Education Committee Chairman

Sidhu & Volpentesta Inc. Serving people around the world since 1991



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