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Bella Cullen Nov 13th 2011 9:43 am

LMO processing times in Ontario & duration of TWP

My husband has been offered a job in rural Ontario. The company are about to apply for an LMO (NOC 2281 B - I think but may be wrong cause the job my husband will be doing is more technical than this but thats what I found for the purpose of posting on this thread) They've been trying to fill the vacancy for 3 years and have been unable to find someone suitable - be they Canadian or otherwise.

The company in question have been through the LMO process previously for other jobs and been successful in their application, they've also had some turned down. I don't know if this helps in anyway with the processesing time as they've got a 'profile' set up.

I guess my main question is does anyone have any real life experience of the LMO timeline and how long is the norm for TWP to last? I read 1-3 years but it seems unusual for it to be for anything more than 1 year.

FlyingDutchman6666 Nov 13th 2011 10:22 am

Re: LMO processing times in Ontario & duration of TWP
Hi Bella,

There are a few LMO timeline threads here, some posters applied in Ontario (each province runs its own LMO queue, apparently):

We have been waiting for 9 weeks now for an Ontario LMO, no decision yet. And there is someone else on this board (m4mm4l) who's still waiting after 10.

Last time our prospective employer called the LMO people, she got a 12 week estimate. The backlog has been growing very rapidly.

Hope this helps!

Bella Cullen Nov 13th 2011 11:22 am

Re: LMO processing times in Ontario & duration of TWP
Thank you for that, much appreciated. I did read the threads you posted but they are for Alberta not Ontario which I understand has different processing times. I've just re-read and seen both yours and m4mm4l comments on Ontario.

I envisage it taking an enormous amount of time. I'm not the most patient of people and this is so frustrating. It's the unknown. We can't give our notice at work or anything until we know if it's going to be successful.

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