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philat98 Aug 1st 2021 12:16 pm

Re: Albania Information Anyone?

Originally Posted by dmu (Post 13035807)
Sorry I've missed your hour of internet today.
It doesn't look as though any BE member has first-hand knowledge of living in Albania.
A few details which you haven't given - what Passport(s) do you all hold? Who are "we"/"family"? Will you be intending to work in Albania (or wherever)? Have you picked Albania merely because some one is giving you tickets to get there?
Have you checked the Visa requirements (Residence/Work)? Does the "we" include school-age children? A search found a private International School in Tirana, which adheres to American Common Core standards.
As Pollyana said above, if you have means for leaving the Philippines (change of destination other than Albania), why not return to your own country?
There's been a lot of comment, but no practical info on your personal situation which could help us advise or point you in the right direction.....

The Balkanista says that it is very difficult to currently obtain a residents permit but that things may be changing.

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