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NurseZeus Jan 13th 2021 11:36 pm

Trying to register as a UK Nurse in BC through NNAS during COVID-19
Hi folks,

I’ve read through a lot of the Nurse in Canada threads but have some specific issues I was hoping I could get some help with.

I’m a Registered Adult Nurse with the NMC, studied in London UK. I have a post graduate diploma in adult nursing and a post graduate certificate in advanced nursing practice leading to me working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I also have an Msc in another field and an undergraduate degree in another field.

I am in Canada and awaiting PR as my wife is Canadian. We applied for PR and open work permit in September 2020 and still waiting for both. So I’m in no need of visa advice. I have contacted a lot of hospitals out here and there’s been positive feedback on my cv and experience, they all say the same which is that they can’t move forward without the work permit and registration.

I contacts both BCCNM and NNAS about starting the process but my university in London is closed due to COVID and have no admin staff in the office. This means they are only able to send electronic copies of my certificate and transcript etc. Both NNAS and BCCNM said they won’t script anything electronic. Has anyone else tried to do this process in the last 6 months and overcome this issue? Also, the NMC in the UK also say they no longer send paper copied off confirmation of registration and only send electronic confirmation directly to the reviewing body, however in the NNAS website it’s also states the confirmation must be a hard copy. Anyone else comes across this?

It’s a mega nightmare as I’ve spray been here 6 months securing bids and unemployed and can’t imagine a long free year road to registration here.

Help needed!

Starshine 909 Mar 30th 2021 3:06 pm

Did you end up sorting it out? I I'm having the same NMC hard copy issue

please can anyone update me on what to do here, this is so stressful

NurseZeus Mar 30th 2021 8:10 pm

Re: Trying to register as a UK Nurse in BC through NNAS during COVID-19
Hey - Yeah very stressful. So the NMC part is really straightforward, you don't need a hard copy, they have an agreement with Canada (NNAS) that it is done via the online portal. So when you log on to NMC to pay for your confirmation of registration they ask who to send it to and they know to do it via NNAS online portal. I've now done that bit and all of my universities signed up for the online portal too so they could send my transcripts etc. I'm just waiting on an employer verification that all has to be done on paper and mailed. So I'm about 95% of the way done in terms of forms being sent to NNAS. No one knows how long it will take to actually assess my application though, it's a waiting game. If you need any help just give me a shout.

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