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Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Only been on a Recci - but some information is better than none.

So, it is a city of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. The city itself services some 250,000 from surrounding areas including Manitoba.

Yorkton is Central Eastern Saskatchewan about 1 hour from the Manitoba border.

The city has many of the regular sights including MacDonalds, Tim Hortons, Zellers and Sears.

They have a few casinos, many places to eat out a shopping mall, and smaller shops down in the Parkland Mall area.

There is a public library and Tourist Information Center.

The local area sports a well established lake community at Good Spirit (the local Gas Station and General Store there serves superb food) and via Kamsack you are one hour from Duck Mountain Provincial Park (commonly known as The Ducks). This area boasts skiing in the winter and has many lakes, trails and opportunities for recreation in the summer. You can even watch the Bears raiding the local dump at dusk.

There is skiing at Assespi about 1 1/2 hours away just across the boarder in Manitoba and the US boarder is very easily doable there and back in a day with time to spare there.

This winter lowest low was put at -52 with the windchill. Summers can reach +40.

The prairies are very very flat and it is true that you can see the horizon before the road runs out.

I look forward to updating this as I find out more about Yorkton over the next few years...