Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

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For many a South Australian, “Yorkes” summons up happy childhood memories of long, carefree days at the beach, paddling, splashing, building sandcastles. Some of the best beaches and sunniest seaside towns are just a couple of hours from Adelaide. This boot-shaped peninsula juts out between Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent: more than 600kms of coastline, from calm, shallow waters and safe-swimming beaches to the dramatic cliffs and crashing surf of Innes National Park at the tip.

“Little Cornwall”, is a triangle of towns to the west of the upper part of the peninsula. In the 1880s Wallaroo, Moonta and Kadina were the richest of the rich colonial copper mines, attracting many skilled Cornish miners. Kit up as a miner in hard hat, boots and cap lamp, then descend into the underground workings at the Wheal Hughes copper mine. In Kadina, be sure to invest some hours at the Banking and Currency Museum. It’s a treasure trove of moneyboxes, gems and ultraviolet minerals.

The Copper Triangle’s Cornish heritage is honoured biennially in odd-numbered years at the Kernewek Lowender. The world’s largest Cornish festival, it’s a time for folk dancing, feasting and scoffing pasties.

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