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In order to legally work or study in Canada - other than in limited exceptions - a British citizen requires a work permit or study permit.

  • However, British citizens do not need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to work or study in Canada.
  • Some other nationalities need both the permit and visa.
  • If you do need a TRV, you apply for it at the same time as your work or study permit.
  • A TRV will be a visa stamp in your passport.
  • A work or study permit will say "Not Valid for Re-Admission." This is not a problem - you use your passport and TRV (if you need one) to travel.
  • Your work or study permit will not be stamped in your passport, but you should keep it with your passport, normally stapled in for convenience. Keep a copy of it in a safe place.
  • Often it is more difficult to renew passports outside your home country. You will normally need a valid passport for your stay in Canada, and normally it's a good idea to get a new one at home before you leave.

Who needs a TRV

  • British citizens do not need a TRV (some other categories of British national, such as British subject, do).
  • Australian, New Zealand, USA and Irish citizens do not need a visa. Most EEA passports are also visa exempt, although there are exceptions, such as the Czech Republic.
  • Holders of US Green Cards do not need a Canadian TRV.

Work Permit at Port of Entry

  • However, this is risky if you are uprooting yourself, in case it is refused. It is often better to have the work permit issued before you move.

Study Permit at Port of Entry

  • Unless you are from the USA, St Pierre et Miquelon or Greenland.