Work Permits for Children

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Please be aware that children of work permit holders are not entitled to work permits.

Well, that is an over-simplification. In theory, children of work permit holders are entitled to work permits. But, in order to offer the child of a work permit holder a job, the prospective employer has to apply to HRSDC for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). This, in turn, means that the employer has to recruit across Canada for the position and, only if he/she is unsuccessful in attracting a qualified Canadian resident, will the employer receive an LMO.

The reality is that it would be an extremely rare child who had qualifications and experience that could not be matched by a Canadian resident. So, to all intents and purposes, the child of a work permit holder cannot get a work permit.

The only exception might be if there are any active pilot projects that allow working age dependants to work. See Working temporarily in Canada: Active pilot projects to see if there are.

Please note that this restriction does not apply to permanent residents (PRs). PRs automatically are entitled to employment in Canada.