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Santa Monica - Loads of British & Irish pubs where you can pay $6 a pint ( American 16 ounce not imperial 20 ounce) and get into an arguement or maybe even fisticuffs with numerous expat construction workers from exotic places such as Liverpool, Birmingham Manchester and London's East end or Saaf Landan over various regional topics such as English Premiership football. Pacific Park, a Blackpool type entertainment on Santa Monica Pier is LA's only admission-free amusement park with rides, attractions, games, and what passes for food, usually a greasy taco or smelly corn dog on a stick. Sadly there are no sticks of rock or kiss me quick hats to be found. Santa Monica features numerous trendy restuarants and boutiques, depending on the day you can either spot movie stars or smell the wafts of stale urine and soiled underclothes of the numerous homeless whilst you enjoy your overpriced pasta, steak or hamburger;