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Colchester County

  • Colchester County is more or less in the middle of Nova Scotia.
  • It sits on the intersection of the main trans-NS and trans-Canada highways and train routes.
  • This is a mostly agrarian area with lots of lumber and farming.
  • The county is home to some 50,000 people.


  • The main town in Colchester is Truro.
  • Truro lies in the middle of Colchester County.
  • This is the location of numerous municipal offices, such as Colchester Regional Development Agency.
  • Truro is right at the intersection of the main highways and railroads.
  • As such it is home to numerous businesses serving the functions of such a transit hub.
  • Indeed, Truro is sometimes nicknamed "Hubtown".
  • With a population of around 12,000, Truro is considered a relatively large town by Provincial standards.




  • If you want to buy a house in Truro, your best place to start is the relevant page of the website.
  • Also check out Property Guys (For Sale By Owner).
  • The house prices and their relation to Truro's popularity with BritishExpats is self-explanatory.
  • But do lots of research before you buy.
  • See the Wiki articles on:



  • In the public (equivalent of state) schools, each school has a geographically determined catchment area.
  • Your child's designated school is determined by the neighbourhood in which you live.
  • The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board serves Central and Northern Nova Scotia.
  • It is divided into four areas, called Families of Schools.
  • Colchester county is served by the Cobequid Family, which is comprised of:
    • 16 elementary schools
    • 4 middle/junior high schools
    • 2 high schools
  • The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies provides High School Report Cards for Atlantic Canada.
  • For general information about schooling in Canada, see the series of Wiki articles on Canadian Schooling.


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