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Psychology of Relocation

Please see the BE Wiki article called Psychology of Relocation.


Please see the BE Wiki article on Canadian Schooling.

City Websites

Cities for Kids and Teens - The Canadian Relocation Systems website lists resources for kids and teens in many Canadian cities and towns.

BE's Youth Club

The BE forum has a sub-forum called The Youth Club where young folk can dicuss things with each other.

Work Permits for Teens

Be warned that children of work permit holders are not entitled to work for money in Canada.

This can be a serious source of dissatisfaction for a teenager. The BE forum has witnessed more than one instance in which the unhappiness this has caused has been one of the main reasons for the family's return to the UK.

Although you do not have the power to change this rule, it's better to know about it beforehand than to be taken by surprise once you're in Canada.

It may be helpful for your family to discuss your coping strategy before you get to Canada (teens doing chores at home to earn money or whatever).

If you and your family members come to Canada as permanent residents (PRs), you do not have to worry about work permits. PRs automatically have the right to work in Canada.