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Slang of Australia

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Slang of Australia

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Australia has a wonderful collection of slang, terms and phrases unique to their brand of English. Sometimes Australian English is referred to as Strine.

See: About.com's list of Australian slang.


I'm as dry as a dead dingo's donger - I'm thirsty (get me a beer) *** A man's not a camel - I'm thirsty (get me a beer) *** I could eat the crutch of a low flying duck - I'm hungry (get me a snag)

Foreigners should be aware that inventing slang is an old game among the native-born. Some inventions end up in publications that don't know that fact, and are sucked into believing that all Australians use the inventions. "I could eat the crutch of a low-flying duck" - sheesh! That looks for all the world like the product of a drunken night out by a bunch of city boys. Nobody I have ever known has used that or has ever heard of it. A few such inventions "make it" in the real world, but they're usually said with self-conscious amusement. "A dead dingo's donger" is a fair example. I was brought up in dingo country in the 1940s, and it doesn't sound like a bush expression at all.

Sorry to disillusion anybody!