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  • There frequently are new threads on the Canada forum in which new posters ask questions about the points they've scored on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's self-assessment test.
  • Comprehensive Ranking System points are one of the major ways to get into Canada, through Federal economic immigration.
  • The CRS points in that test are required for Express Entry applications for Permanent Residency. For people with a year or more of recent skilled work experience in Canada (Canadian Experience Class) these points are all they need, for people wanting to immigrate with skilled work from outside Canada they first need 67 points in the Federal Skilled Worker grid. Draws will regularly pull out the highest scorers and invite them to apply. Typically, a score over 445 would normally be enough, with the draw sometimes going as low as the 420s.
  • Skilled Trade applicants use the same grid, but because they typically don't have high points (eg university degrees), special draws are done for the FST stream, where a points total around 280 is normally required to be drawn.
  • Having arranged employment means getting additional points, but it's not enough to just have a friend or family member promise to employ you after you arrive! In order to get points, the job offer must be for skilled work, for at least a year, and be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment if one is required.
  • Being nominated by a Province through Express Entry means being awarded 600 additional CRS points, which is enough to basically guarantee an invitation in the next relevant draw.
  • Some Provincial Nominee Programs also use 'points' for their internal processes, eg when deciding who to nominate through Express Entry or any other stream, but they calculate those points themselves, and are not accounted for in the IRCC tools.