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In some of the BE Wiki articles about job hunting in Canada, the concept of saying Thank you (to people who provide you with introductions to prospective employers, to people who have granted you job interviews, etc.) has been mentioned.

However, this new article, devoted specifically to the topic of saying "Thank you," has been created to add emphasis.

The contribution of good manners to the success of your career in Canada can hardly be overstated.

There would be merit in practising your manners before you get anywhere near a prospective Canadian employer. You might start by acknowledging assistance you receive on the BE forum. Also practise by thanking people with whom you interact in "real life," wherever you live at the moment. Make a point of thanking three people in your current environment every week. Phone them, send them an email, send them a hand written note by conventional mail, or say something appreciative when you see them. Put it on your To Do List right now. This single habit will do more for your future than you can imagine.