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To the extent that you can, Canadianize your English on your resume (Canadian version of CV) and in your covering letter.

The table below indicates words and expressions to be aware of. The table includes not only words that are relevant to writing a resume but also words that you may encounter later in the job hunting process, when you receive directions to an interview, much later when you negotiate annual leave, and so on.

British English
Canadian English
grey grey American gray is widely accepted.
labour labour American labor is widely accepted.
centre centre American center is widely accepted.
organise organize
rationalise rationalize
specialise specialize
realise realize
travelled travelled American traveled is widely accepted.
labelled labelled American labeled is widely accepted.
tyre tire
aluminium aluminum
orientated oriented
preventative preventive
programme program You still come across programme in Canadian government publications dating back several years.
licence licence American license is widely used.
bespoke customized
go on holiday go on vacation In Canada, 'holiday' generally refers to a public holiday, and 'the holidays' to the time around Christmas.
annual leave annual leave, vacation allowance
advert ad In responding to a newspaper ad(vert), you should use the full word, advertisement.
lift elevator
ground floor first floor, main floor, ground floor
first floor second floor
rubbish garbage
hire (a person) hire
hire (a thing) rent
21 March, 2007 March 21, 2007
21/3/07 3/21/07
fortnight two weeks Fortnight is not a common expression in Canada. Many Canadians do not even know what it means. Bi-weekly is a poor substitute for fortnightly, because it can mean twice a week or once every two weeks. The only way to be clear in your meaning is to say, "once every two weeks."
mobile cell abbreviation for cellular phone
phone (verb) call
post mail
whilst while Whilst sounds old fashioned to the Canadian ear.
Yours truly The most formal closing, the one that generally is used in your first contact, e.g., a response to a job advertisement.
Yours sincerely Still considered to be polite, but a notch less formal than "Yours truly." You might use "Yours sincerely" when the relationship starts out on a slightly warmer footing. "Your sincerely" is a closing you might consider if, for example, you have received a referral. More widely used is "Sincerely"
Best regards A friendly closing that you can use once you are beyond the preliminary level of communication.
Numbers Numbers up to ten usually are written out in full. Thereafter, numbers usually are expressed as digits. So 4 years of experience would be four years, but 23 years of experience would remain 23 years. A number over ten that can be expressed as a single word (twenty, fifty, etc.) may be written as a word or as a number, as you prefer.
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Language is only one element of a resume. It would be useful for you to read the other Wiki articles related to Canadian Resumes, to assist you in getting all the other pieces into place.