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The term "nursery nurse" is unknown in Canada. Some of the titles by which this job is known in Canada are:

  • child-care worker
  • day-care aide
  • nursery school teacher
  • early childhood educator
  • pre-school teacher
  • kindergarten assistant

These and other job titles fall under the umbrella of Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (National Occupational Code 4214).

Skilled Worker

The NOC Codes that start with 42 belong to Skill Level B in the National Occupational Classification Matrix.

As such, early childhood educators and assistants are considered to be skilled workers.

This is useful, because early childhood educators can upgrade from a temporary work permit to a permanent residence visa (see Fast Track PR Application) and they are eligible for some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Equivalency of Qualifications

In Canada, each province dictates the standards for social services (childcare, schooling, etc.).

Over and above the provincial legislation, municipalities may impose standards.

If you want to find out if your British qualifications will be accepted in Canada, you need to search for childcare standards in the province and city in which you want to work.

Just as an example, a Google search for CHILDCARE STANDARDS + BRITISH COLUMBIA brings up The Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia : A Guide to Registration and Renewal Procedures.

But then suppose you wanted to work in Vancouver specifically. If you did a Google search for CHILDCARE STANDARDS + VANCOUVER, you would find a Public Health website about Child Care.

In the Read More section of that page, you would find a link to Community Care Facilities Licensing.

On that page, in turn, you find a link to another page called Community Care and Assisted Living Act : Child Care Licensing Regulation.

Part 3, Division 2, Sections 25 to 27 of the Child Care Licensing Regulation outline requirements that a person has to fulfill in order to earn an early childhood educator certificate. These sections include a requirement to have studied at one of a list of colleges in British Columbia.

However, Section 28 allows for an exemption if the director of a child care facility deems that an applicant has received an equivalent education.

This section of this Wiki article has provided you with one example. Of course, if you wanted to work anywhere other than Vancouver, you would need to repeat this exercise with respect to your desired destination.


Do not believe the first person who tells you that your qualifications as a nursery nurse in the UK will be accepted in the town or city to which you want to move in Canada, even if the person who tells you that is a government official.

Some members of the BE forum who are nursery nurses in the UK have been successful in securing work as early childhood educators in Canada. As this article is being written, one forum member is on her way to Nova Scotia through the Provincial Nominee Program.

On the other hand, another forum member who was told by Manitoba government officials that her UK qualifications would be accepted has found out that that is not the case, now that she's actually on the ground.

It probably would be worth paying the credentials / qualification assessment service of your destination province to assess your qualifications and provide you with a written evaluation. You can find links to the provincial bodies on the website of Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.


In Canada childcare unfortunately is a poorly paid occupation.

A job as a childcare worker would not provide you with enough money to support a family.

However, if you have a partner who can supplement your family's income, your qualifications as a nursery nurse in the UK may help your family to get into Canada.

There are some regions of Canada in which there are shortages of childcare workers.

Alternatives to Daycare Centres

Working in a daycare centre, where children are dropped off during the day while their parents are at work, is not the only money-earning option for a British nursery nurse in Canada.

A person may choose to operate a day home, for example.

For other options to consider, see the Wiki article called Childcare Options.