Mission Beach, Queensland

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Mission Beach, Tully and Innisfail took a pounding a couple of years back when Hurricane Larry came to town. Not only did much of the World Heritage rainforest get stripped bare, but the Great Barrier Reef and island resorts of Dunk and Bedarra were also badly damaged.

Slowly, the tiny resort town is creeping back to life, thanks in part to a stunning 14km long palm fringed sandy beach. The islands are back to their full beauty and grace and the waters still team with fish.

There are many wonderful activities in the area, from white water rafting to trekking the rainforest trails. However, a seemingly peaceful beer along the beach has turned nasty for many an unsuspecting visitor, when the boys from Tully come to town itching for a fight.

Beware, reports of vicious beach rapes (of women AND men) and mob attacks on individuals are not uncommon. Covered up by the local tourism operators (it’s bad for business) the police have an interestingly high failure rate when it comes to catching and convicting the perps. Further – the locals turn a blind eye and won’t step forward as witnesses, perpetuating the situation even further.

So for Mission – best advice is to avoid it when possible, fly direct to stunning (safe) Dunk Island from Cairns or catch a bus transfer that avoids the town.