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Migration Failure-Australia

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Migration Failure-Australia

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There have been many cases of people migrating to Australia and either returning to the U.K. after short period of time, or remaining in an unhappy situation in Australia. This constitutes migration failure and is hugely expensive, financially and emotionally.


[edit] Predictors of migration failure

  • Number One reason : people miss their family and circle of friends. If you are close to family/friends in the UK, then think very hard before migrating.
  • Second reason is not finding good employment. In particular, check that your qualifications are recognised for employment purposes in Australia. In some cases, getting a skilled visa does not mean you are going to get recognition for employment purposes from state/territory authorities. This applies particularly to trade occupations and anyone migrating as a dependent or on a non-skill based visa.
  • Third reason is general disappointment with Australia. After the novelty has worn off, Australia suffers from many of the same problems as other western countries. High cost of housing, excessive regulation/taxation, crime and political corruption are all present in Australia. And many people only think they want to live in a hot climate ... living with heat every day is different to being on vacation.
  • If one spouse/partner is unhappy, then the migration has failed.

[edit] Predictors of successful migration

Successful migrants to Australia usually have many of the following factors in common:

  • flexible and not put off by setbacks, bureaucracy etc.
  • strong sense of adventure
  • a positive identification with Australia (more than simply expecting the U.K. with a sunny climate)
  • independent from family/friends.
  • enjoy warm weather (often enjoy watersports or other outdoor activities)
  • willingness to do retraining, new education courses, to get current with Australian expectations
  • importantly, willing to give Australia a "fair go" and not go home after a few weeks or months.

[edit] Poor reasons to migrate

The following are NOT good reasons to emigrate to Australia:

  • "The UK is getting worse ..." : you'll find many of the same problems in Australia
  • "Better life for the children ... " : define what a "better life" means. If you already have a good life in material terms in the U.K. and your children have a good family environment, then ask yourself what precisely can be gained (and lost) by going to Australia. U.K. children may be inactive because it rains too much, but many Australian children don't spend time outdoors because it's too hot.
  • "Buy a bigger house ... " : Was true for a number of years up to 2007-08 but since then the fall in the value of the pound and U.K. house prices, coupled with sustained house price growth in Australia, makes this less likely. In any case, you need better reasons to migrate than this.
  • "If you don't go, you never know ... " : Perhaps that is the case but if going to Australia means uprooting yourself from a good life, leaving behind a good job/pension, withdrawing children from good schools and selling a house you love, is it worth doing all that just out of curiosity?

[edit] Overall

For many people, emigrating to Australia is the best thing they could do, leading to a great life in a sunny climate. For others, emigration leads to a total disaster. Think hard about which group you are likely to fall into before you migrate.