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Canada offers a high standard of health care, but access to family doctors (GPs) varies widely. In some places it is almost impossible to find a family doctor who is accepting new patients. This is an issue that should be investigated during any recce trip.

Ontario now has a registration system where you can register your family's details online and you are added to a database of people looking for a doctor. As soon as a doctor becomes available, you are contacted and advised of the location/doctor. Go to the following link and register as soon as you have an OHIP card.

Prescription drugs

  • Prescription drugs are costly, and are not covered by the health care insurance plans of most provinces.
  • Company medical plans that cover the costs of prescription drugs are a worthwhile perk.
  • It is recommended that you stock up on prescription drugs before you leave the UK. Be aware only 90 days allowed to be imported to Canada at a time

For an idea on specific drug costs you can consult the Provincial links to the formularies here: [1] - be aware that this is before any 'mark up' by the dispensing pharmacy and the pharmacy dispensing fees. (for Ontario the link has changed to this: [2]


  • Canada has a high standard of dentistry.
  • However, dental care is expensive.
  • Company dental plans are a very welcome benefit.
  • Anyone lucky enough to have an NHS dentist is advised to make full use of him/her before moving to Canada.
  • Orthodontics for children and teenagers is not covered by Provincial medical plans. It is a very high standard (hence all the jokes about British teeth) but is very expensive.
  • Before getting any dental treatment done in Canada, make sure you understand the terms of your dental plan. They will have an upper claim limit, eg, you can spend no more than $1000 per year on treatment from checkups to big jobs. In addition, most policies will cover 70% to 90% of the non-cosmetic aspect of any claim, so if you are having $3500 root canal and crown, they only pay for say 80% of the root canal and none of the crown.


To find out more about provincial health care insurance programs (Medicare), please see the Wiki article entitled Medical Insurance.