L1 Visa

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Some of the requirements include:

  • Having been employed at the company that will sponsor you for at least a year
  • Be in a managerial position, or maintain specialist skills/knowledge of the company

(the above is for already established offices in the United States)

for New Office L1 you can have your own company sponsor you for a 1 year L1, renewable after for 2 years to a maximum of 7 years for L1(a) and 5 years for L1(b). Both visas provide a route to green card. To qualify for a new office L1 you must: Form (corporate a company in the USA) C corp, S corp, LLC (limited liability corporation) Establish business premises Submit and provide a business plan to USCIS (not mandatory for advised) Show that you have available funds to finance your new office in the United States. The requirements of the L1 is that your UK company MUST continue whilst you are in the United States. (this would not apply after you applied for a green card and you received an approval notice from uscis)


  • It has dual intent, meaning your employer can sponsor you for a Greencard
  • There isn't a quota cap limit like on the H1B
  • Spouse may apply for an EAD to allow work


  • Children can't apply for an EAD, so they cannot work, however once you have a green card

you and your immediate family are eligible to work anywhere in the USA for any company