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Swim Lane Diagram

Attached is the swim lane diagram that for K1 visa application through the US Embassy London. Please note that this is for reference purposes only and should not be used as a definitive guide to the visa application process. Please refer to the US Embassy website for full details/requirements.

K1 Diagram Updated.png

Embassy Interview Experience

User h0tr0dder_uk (Pete) added this visual for attending the interview in July 2009 (http://britishexpats.com/forum/showpost.php?p=7778300). I've slightly updated what happens as of August 2016.


I arrived at the front of the building (facing grosvenor square). You initially queue up on the pavement and have to show your interview paper and passport at security point 1 (this was 08:30). Then you work you way down to security point 2 where your passport and letter are checked again. They then call you forward into the security hut (3) to go through the metal detector etc. Following this you come out of the hut and walk to the right around the building and up the stairs into the reception area (4) where you show your passport and letter and get your tickets.


Then you go up the stairs to your left into the main waiting area. (this was 09:00). There is a bank of screens in the middle, refreshments at the far end and toilets to the right. Take a seat and wait for your number to be called. I got called approx 10:30 and went to window 16. The guy there asked me for my passport, police report, birth certificate and a copy of all of those and finally the I-134 and fingerprints.

Then I went back into the waiting room and waited for my number to be called again (at approx 11:00). This time I went to window 18 (I think) and the guy asked me for my prints to confirm I was who I said I was. Then he asked me if I'd had my medical, how i met my fiance, what she was doing at the time (job wise), if she wanted to come over here etc. Then he asked me to write her name on the form and sign it before him. Then he said congratulations, pending your medical results you are approved.

Editing Diagram

The swim lane was created using draw.io. The source is below.

File:K1 Diagram.txt