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Fasten your seatbelt

  • The job market in Canada is different from the one in the UK.
  • This main article on job hunting in Canada -- as well as the subsidiary articles linked from it -- explain how the Canadian job market works.
  • It will take time for you to read this article as well as the other articles.
  • Depending on your other commitments, it may take you as long as a week to absorb the information at a superficial level.
  • It may take you several weeks, possibly even months, to really understand the implications outlined here.
  • But, because securing a job is essential to gaining admission to Canada for many people, this information will stand you in good stead.

Marketing yourself

  • When you're looking for a job, you're marketing yourself.
  • You will find it helpful to adopt a "marketing mindset" if you read the BE Wiki article entitled Marketing Yourself.

Canadian hiring culture

The hiring culture in Canada is different from the one in the UK.

This is a critical point for you to understand.


To understand how Canada operates, please see the BE Wiki article on Hiring Culture.

Since, for most expats, finding and keeping work is essential to the viability of their move to Canada, it is extremely important for you to read all the Wiki articles about job hunting in Canada.

Some of the Wiki articles are fairly technical. For example, the article on Resumes (Canadian versions of CVs) explains mechanical points about the correct layout of a resume.

Yes, you need to get the technical things right. But more important than the mechanical issues are the issues of mindset, gaining trust, and so on.

This is where you need to pay attention to the Wiki articles that address marketing yourself, Canada's hiring culture, networking, and so on.

It is recommended that you play it safe, and read all the Wiki articles to which this article provides links.

Equivalency of qualifications

To find out if your British qualifications will be recognized in Canada and, if necessary, how to obtain accreditation in your occupation, please see the BE Wiki article on Equivalency of Qualifications.

Finding job opportunities

The BE Wiki article on Finding Job Opportunities will help you to find:

  • who the corporate players in a given industry are
  • links to job advertisements
  • links to placement agencies (head hunters)

Which workers does Canada need?

If you want to train for a new occupation and want to find out which occupations are in demand in Canada, please read the Wiki article called Labour Shortages.

Where are workers needed?

Canada's need for workers is not evenly distributed. To find out which regions of Canada have the greatest need for more workers, please read the Wiki article called Labour Shortages.


To find out about tapping into the hidden (unadvertised) job market, please see the BE Wiki article on Networking.

Resume (CV)

  • In Canada a CV is called a resume.
  • The formatting and content of a resume in Canada are slightly different from those that you would use in a CV in the UK.
  • For instructions on writing a Canadian resume, please see the BE Wiki article entitled Resume.

Covering Letter

  • Your covering letter is extremely important.
  • It is, if anything, even more important than your resume.
  • Your covering letter is a brief opportunity for you to market yourelf to the prospective employer.
  • Your covering letter determines if he will even bother to flip over the page and read your resume.
  • For instructions on writing a covering letter for your resume, please see the BE Wiki article entitled Covering Letter.


For suggestions on handling job interviews, please see the BE Wiki article on Job Interviews.

Tie up loose ends

After you have found a job, there still are a few things you need to do. To find out about these important chores, please read the BE Wiki article on Job Hunting Closure.

Saying Thank You

Please see the BE Wiki article entitled Saying Thank You.

Recce trip

Although it is not only about job hunting, the BE Wiki article entitled Scouting Trip is a useful one to read in conjunction with all of the job hunting articles to which links have been provided in this article.


Please see the BE Wiki article entitled Salaries.

Real life success stories

Read Dave's, Sharon's and Jon's Job Hunting Success Stories to see real life examples of a proactive job hunting strategy in action.

Problems on the job

The BE Wiki article entitled Relocation Strategies addresses problems that you may encounter once you're working in Canada.

However, that article does not address the issue of finding work. Rather, the article is intended to help you navigate the Canadian workplace once you're already in it.

Job Offer Scams

Please see the Wiki article entitled Job_Offer_Scams.

Changes to this article

This article used to be a central repository for information on job hunting in Canada. However, the article grew very long, and the Wiki software provided a warning that some browsers would take a long time to load it. Therefore, the article has been split into eight articles that address the above mentioned topics related to job hunting in Canada.