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Immunizations for children generally are provided for free in Canada.

The recommended immunization schedule in most Canadian provinces is quite similar to the recommended schedule in the UK.

When you register your child at a daycare centre or school in Canada, officials may ask for the child‘s immunizations records. They may ask in a way that leads you to believe that immunizations are compulsory. In fact they are not.

Immunizations against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps and rubella are strongly encouraged. If you refuse to allow your child to have one or more of these immunizations for medical, religious or philosophical reasons, you may have to submit a document to your local public health unit and to your child's school or daycare centre. In addition to that, if a relevant disease shows up in your child's school or daycare centre, your child may have to stay away until the disease has passed.

Suggested immunization timetables and other details of immunization programs vary from province to province, but are broadly similar across Canada.

Here is Health Canada's website about Childhood Immunization.

Here is the Canadian Paediatric Society's website entitled Vaccination and your child.

Here are Public Health Agency of Canada's Recommended Immunization Schedules.

For an opinion from the "other side," see Vaccination Risk Awareness Network.